Update on COVID-19 - Sep 27, 2020

In-Bound Shipments from Suppliers

September 27, 2020 Update - Many suppliers are back to normal timelines.  Parts that may take longer than expected include Karcher parts coming direct from the manufacturer, DR Power products, and back ordered Craftsman and MTD parts.  Regular availability for most Craftsman, MTD, Briggs, Kohler, Kawasaki, Toro and aftermarket parts are back to normal (3-7 business days if not in our warehouse). We stocked up on Karcher parts over the summer so are carrying more than usual in the Calgary warehouse.  Please contact us if you are concerned about shipping times.

May 7, 2020 - We are starting to experience some shipping delays receiving parts from suppliers. 

The Purolator facility in Calgary has reportedly experienced a COVID-19 outbreak, and our regular shipments from Vancouver distributors have slowed from 2 days to 4-5 days.  This will slow down our shipments of Briggs, Craftsman, and Oregon aftermarket parts if we don't have stock in our Calgary facility. Our thoughts are with the hardworking Purolator staff and their families during this difficult time.

Our Canada Post and US Post shipments from eastern Canadian and American distributors have also slowed - in some cases shipments that would normally take one week are now taking two.  This is mainly affecting Karcher parts and some Craftsman parts not available in western Canada. We are working with distributors to select alternate shipping options, and testing out drop-shipping where it makes sense.  Unfortunately, that is impacting pricing on some parts and you will see increases in prices for some products - especially Karcher pressure washer parts.

Tecumseh, Kohler and some Oregon aftermarket parts come from Edmonton via UPS and appear to be arriving under usual timelines.

MTD parts distribution has changed recently from Vancouver to a Calgary distribution centre.  There have been minor supply disruptions during the change-over but things seem to be moving well now.  We anticipate even quicker than usual turnover for common MTD parts in the future and potentially lower prices due to decreases in shipping!  (Now, you don't get to hear that often, do you?!?). Stens and Rotary aftermarket parts also come from a local distribution centre, so timelines are normal.

Out-Bound Shipments to Customers

We continue to track shipping time for our outbound shipments and while we've seen some longer times than usual, especially to the eastern provinces, it's maybe 1-2 days extra, so not appearing to have too much of an impact.  Please remember that you can direct your Canada Post shipments to deliver how you want.  Use your tracking number on the Canada Post website to instruct to leave on the doorstep, etc.

Free Local Pick-Up in NW Calgary

Finally, we have updated our website for local pick-up. When you place your order, you'll receive a copy of your invoice via email.  Once the part arrives and is ready for pickup, you'll receive a notification with pickup address. We are doing contactless pickup and instructions will be in your email.  I usually reach out with a phone call too.

Stay well out there and thanks for your patience as we work through these challenging times together!



March 18, 2020 - The situation with COVID-19 is quickly changing in Canada and we hope you remain well.  We've recently learned some of our distributors are reducing hours, but are continuing to operate. In our industry, they had already ramped up for spring bookings, so any potential issues are less with supply into the distribution centres and more the ability to ship out to dealers. We will continue to monitor events and update as needed.

Canada Post has also provided an update on shipping that states guaranteed delivery dates may be delayed and signatures for deliveries will not be required - click here

Locally, we've decided to stop face-to-face payment for local pick-ups and will move to interact etransfer to parts@drmower.ca, via credit card payment over the phone, or purchase through the www.drmower.ca website with free local pickup.  Pickups will be arranged as 'door-step' drops.  Please call or text (587) 329-6642 to make arrangements.

March 15, 2020 - As COVID-19 spreads, we hope you and your families remain safe and healthy.

There are lots of concerns about supply chain issues.  Of course, we are not selling any of the key health items that are in short supply. But we did want to update you on availability of our products.

We stock a lot of the most common lawn and garden and small engine parts in NW Calgary (and some of the older Craftsman parts that are not so common). However, we can't stock everything locally.

We work with distributors primarily in Vancouver, Edmonton, and Oakville Ontario, as well as some local distributors in Calgary.  We've heard no indications from any of them there will be disruptions in the supply of parts.  Our normal turn-around time for part orders that are not in our local warehouse is two to five business days.  That currently hasn't changed to our knowledge, but if you place an order and availability is a concern, we'll let you know right away.

Our website is based on Shopify's platform.  They have instructed their Canadian staff to work from home.  We are hoping that means the website will continue to operate as usual. However, we are also able to process orders by phone or text at 1-877-531-2873. Or email us at parts@drmower.ca regarding availability of parts, but please don't send financial info via email.

Our shipping partner is Canada Post, who has put out a statement on shipping, but there appears to be no current restrictions on the shipping of goods.  We'll notify you if that changes or if we need to ship by a different means once an order is placed.

We do offer local pick-up in Valley Ridge in NW Calgary. We normally do debit at the door, credit card payments etc.  But we can always take payment over the phone or through the website and do a 'doorstep drop' for pick-up.  

We accept returns on all unused parts.  We normally don't refund the shipping charges, but in the current environment, if your situation changes and you can't accept a shipment, we will refund your whole purchase price, including shipping. (THIS OFFER ENDS EFFECTIVE OCTOBER 1, 2020)

We will keep you updated if our local situation changes or if we have problems with our supply chain, but for now, it's business as usual.  Be safe and well!