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393397 Briggs & Stratton Fuel Pump Kit - NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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No Longer Available

393397 Briggs & Stratton Fuel Pump Kit

Fits Models -

30116 (9000001-9999999)(1989) Lawn Mower
30116 (8000001-8999999)(1988) Lawn Mower
30116 (7000001-7999999)(1987) Lawn Mower
30116 (6000001-6999999)(1986) Lawn Mower
30116 (5000001-5999999)(1985) Lawn Mower
Briggs and Stratton
253412-0111-99 Engine
253417-0027-99 Engine
253417-0117-99 Engine
253417-0118-99 Engine
253417-0130-99 Engine
253417-0131-99 Engine
253417-0132-99 Engine
253417-0133-99 Engine
253417-0527-99 Engine
253417-0618-99 Engine
253417-0630-99 Engine
253417-0631-99 Engine
253417-0632-99 Engine
253417-0633-99 Engine
253417-0634-99 Engine
253417-0635-99 Engine
253417-0636-99 Engine
253417-0637-99 Engine
253417-0638-99 Engine
253417-0639-99 Engine
253417-0640-99 Engine
253417-1027-01 Engine
253417-1031-01 Engine
253417-1117-01 Engine
253417-1118-01 Engine
253417-1130-01 Engine
253417-1131-01 Engine
253417-1132-01 Engine
253417-1133-01 Engine
253417-1135-01 Engine
255426-0134-01 Engine
255427-0027-01 Engine
255427-0031-01 Engine
255427-0117-01 Engine
255427-0118-01 Engine
255427-0130-01 Engine
255427-0131-01 Engine
255427-0131-02 Engine
255427-0132-99 Engine
255427-0133-01 Engine
255427-0135-01 Engine
255427-0136-01 Engine
255427-0137-01 Engine
40A777-1201-01 Engine
40A777-1221-01 Engine
40A777-1226-01 Engine
40A777-1227-01 Engine
40A777-1250-01 Engine
42A707-1107-01 Engine
42A707-1237-01 Engine
42A707-1238-01 Engine
42A707-1238-02 Engine
42A707-1251-01 Engine
42A707-1252-01 Engine
42A707-1269-01 Engine
42A707-1273-01 Engine
42A707-1293-99 Engine
42A707-1299-01 Engine
42A707-1300-01 Engine
42A707-1550-01 Engine
42A707-1600-01 Engine
42A707-1623-99 Engine
42A707-1624-01 Engine
42A707-1625-01 Engine
42A707-1631-99 Engine
42A707-1652-01 Engine
42A707-1653-01 Engine
42A707-1655-01 Engine
42A707-1707-E1 Engine
42A707-1838-A1 Engine
42A707-2107-E1 Engine
42A707-2238-E1 Engine
42A707-2238-E2 Engine
42A707-2240-99 Engine
42A707-2299-E1 Engine
42A707-2300-E1 Engine
42A707-2550-E1 Engine
42A707-2600-E1 Engine
42A707-2625-E1 Engine
42A707-2652-E1 Engine
42A707-2653-E1 Engine
42A707-2655-E1 Engine
42A777-1127-01 Engine
42A777-1201-01 Engine
42A777-1236-01 Engine
42A777-1270-01 Engine
42A777-1271-01 Engine
42A777-1272-01 Engine
42A777-1285-01 Engine
42A777-1286-01 Engine
42A777-1295-01 Engine
42A777-1298-01 Engine
42A777-1727-E1 Engine
42A777-1886-A1 Engine
42A777-2127-E1 Engine
42A777-2201-E1 Engine
42A777-2236-E1 Engine
42A777-2239-E1 Engine
42A777-2271-E1 Engine
42A777-2295-E1 Engine
42A777-2295-E3 Engine
42A777-2296-E1 Engine
42B707-1115-99 Engine
42B707-1116-99 Engine
42B707-1117-99 Engine
42B707-1265-01 Engine
42B707-1270-99 Engine
42B707-2200-E1 Engine
42B707-2265-E1 Engine
42C777-1237-01 Engine
42C777-1238-99 Engine
42D707-1231-01 Engine
42D707-1234-99 Engine
42D707-1280-01 Engine
42D707-1298-01 Engine
42D707-1540-01 Engine
42D707-1834-99 Engine
42D707-1880-A1 Engine
42D707-2131-99 Engine
42D707-2280-E1 Engine
42D707-2280-E3 Engine
42D707-2285-99 Engine
42D707-2298-E1 Engine
42D777-1281-01 Engine
42D777-1282-01 Engine
42D777-1881-A1 Engine
42D777-2281-E1 Engine
42D777-2281-E3 Engine
42D777-2282-E1 Engine
42E707-1631-01 Engine
42E707-1831-A1 Engine
42E707-2275-E1 Engine
42E707-2631-E1 Engine
42E707-2631-E2 Engine
42E707-2631-E3 Engine
42E777-1280-03 Engine
42E777-1831-E1 Engine
42E777-1880-E1 Engine
42E777-2280-E3 Engine
400417-0119-01 Engine
400417-1501-01 Engine
400417-1502-01 Engine
400437-0015-01 Engine
400437-0016-01 Engine
400437-0111-01 Engine

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