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Sears Canada Craftsman Lawn Mower and Lawn Tractor Manuals Starting in 944*

Sears Canada Craftsman Lawn Mower and Lawn Tractor Manuals Starting in 944*

Find a Sears Canada Craftsman Manual   

Updated August 14, 2020, Originally posted May 8, 2017

We're always on the hunt for Sears Craftsman tractor manuals and Illustrated Parts Lists (IPLs) or parts breakdowns for lawn mowers or lawn and equipment.  Sears Canada models (starting with 944) and made by AYP/Husqvarna/Poulan are always a challenge and don't easily cross into Sears USA models (starting with 917) and made by Roper/ Electrolux Home Products.

If you're looking for Sears USA Craftsman models that start with 917, stop reading and go to the website. 

If you're looking for Sears Canada Craftsman models that start with 944, keep going!

You can't call Sears Canada 

When I first posted this blog in 2017, Sears Canada was still a thing.  Unfortunately, no more.  What I do not recommend is calling Searspartsdirect in the US with your Canadian model number - or at least take their responses with a grain of salt.  I've heard all kinds of things from customers - they've been told that 944 numbers are the same as 917 numbers - they're not.  That 944 manuals don't exist any longer - they do.  That a belt is universal for all 42" Craftsman models - there are a few common belts, but it is definitely not a universal part. 

Searspartsdirect can be a helpful site and I'm sure their staff are knowledgeable, but have limited usability for our Canadian Craftsman models.  They also don't ship to Canada - but if you do get a part number from them, we should be able to provide the part!


Save or Sell Your Manual

Your Sears Canada Craftsman Mower manual is a valuable commodity.  Lots of people sell their manuals on E-Bay and similar sites.  So I suggest you:

  1.  Keep your manual; and
  2. Share it (preferably for free!)
  3. Sell it and make some money

If you really want to be altruistic and have the time, save your manual or parts breakdown to a forum dedicated to Craftsman Lawn and Garden Equipment or send it to me and I'll get it loaded as a free download -

Want to make money? These things do sell on E-Bay and I have to admit when all else fails, I've bought a few myself. A paid site that has some Canadian Craftsman IPLs is, but keep reading - you may be one of the lucky Canadian Craftsman owners with a free manual online.

Do You Need a Schematic?

Commonly used parts like blades and belts usually have a number stamped on them. You might need to do a little cleaning, but if you can find the number on the part, you might not need a parts diagram. If you can even find part of a number on a belt or blade, I can usually figure out the rest.  Email for a parts lookup.  But remember, I'm not Sears and I have no secret stash of Sears manuals. Here are my best resources for Sears Canada manuals and parts breakdowns.

Resources for Sears Canada Craftsman Manuals and Parts Breakdowns

Craftsman 944609040 Lawn Tractor Mower Deck

If your manual is long gone, check out my favorite resources in my next blog post or search your model number on our main website:

We're loading free manuals everyday.

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J.R. Hughes - September 21, 2021

Good Afternoon Doc,

I am looking for replacement belts, (both ground drive and blade drive) for my Canadian ride on lawn tractor. The Model number is: 944-609260. Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


Susan Krawczuk - August 11, 2021

Looking for manual for Craftsman self propelled mower model number 944-366791

Girard Robinson - April 28, 2021

looking for the deck belt size for 944.603220. I have seen it is 80×1/2" and wondering if this is correct before I go ahead and order it. I am into small engine repairs in Canada and a craftman site would be greatly appreciated.

Char - November 23, 2020

In response to customer requests, we’ve recently uploaded the following manuals to the website: 944.608031. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at or 1-877-531-2873 if you need parts for these units. Char – DR Mower Parts.

Jason - November 23, 2020

I can search the web til the day I die, and cannot find anything on the craftsman 13.5hp model 944.608031. There’s no resources anywhere for this model it seems and I have no owners manual 😞. I need a new deck and was hoping part numbers were listed in it.

Brian - November 20, 2020

Looking for a manual for 944.602830 that will tell me what snowblower will fit my machine. Thanks

Char - DR Mower Parts - August 14, 2020

Hey 944.607053 owners – please see James’ comments on this model. Our records had noted this model was the same as US model 917.259522, but James noted its similarities to a different US model. If anyone has the Canadian owners manual for this unit, we sure would love a copy! Thanks Char –

James Pacey - August 14, 2020

My Craftsman riding mower 944.607053 Briggs & Stratton 15.5 Turbo Cool ( model sticker indicates made in USA) is mechanically the same as a Poulin model PO15538LT, and also the Sears model 917.271554. The engine hood cosmetics on both is the only obvious difference.
The Sears manual 917.271554 is also mechanically identical and has the parts listings

Kelly - July 8, 2020

I am looking for a manual for a 1999 Craftsman tractor model 944.609800. I am trying to determine what the steering gear sector part number is that I need. Several websites say that the manual for US 917.270841 is right for my Canadian tractor but another website ( says part number 136874 will not fit my tractor. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

cindy - July 5, 2020

I have a Craftsman model 944.602600 riding lawnmower. It was given to me by my mom when they downsized. Can I get a manuel on this unit so that I can read up on it. I don’t know anything about this so I am trying to learn the best way to operate.
Thank you in advance.
Cindy Pelzer

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