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07-111 Oregon Micron Fuel Filter Replaces Kohler 24-050-02 - NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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07-111 Kohler 10 Micron Fuel Filter

 This part has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available

Replaces - Toro 83-1320, 94-2690 and Kohler 24-050-02.

Fits Models -

1016 MODELS, 1029 MODELS, CH1000-0010, CH1000-0011, CH1000-0014, CH1000-0013, CH1000-2010, CH1000-0016, CH1000-0002, CH1000-2019, CH1000-2024, CH1000-2026, CH1000-2027, CH1000-2028, CH1000-2029, CH1000-2035, CH15-44522, CH15-44550, CH18-62500, CH18-62501, CH18-62503, CH18-62504, CH18-62505, CH18-62506, CH18-62507, CH18-62521, CH18-62528, CH18-62533, CH18-62546, CH18-62553, CH18-62554, CH18-62556, CH18-62557, CH18-62558, CH18-62561, CH18-62562, CH18-62563, CH18-62564, CH18-62567, CH18-62570, CH18-62571, CH18-62572, CH1000-2018, CH18-62574, CH18-62576, CH18-62577, CH18-62579, CH18-62581, CH18-62582, CH18-62583, CH18-62585, CH18-62586, CH18-62587, CH18-62588, CH18-62590, CH18-62591, CH18-62592, CH18-62593, CH18-62594, CH18-62595, CH18-62596, CH18-62597, CH18-62598, CH18-62599, CH18-62600, CH18-62601, CH18-62603, CH18-62605, CH18-62606, CH18-62607, CH18-62608, CH18-62609, CH18-62610, CH18-62611, CH18-62613, CH18-62614, CH18-62616, CH18-62617, CH18-62618, CH18-62619, CH18-62620, CH18-62621, CH18-62622, CH18-62623, CH18-62624, CH18-62625, CH18-62626, CH18-62627, CH18-62628, CH18-62629, CH18-62630, CH18-62631, CH18-62632, CH18-62633, CH18-62634, CH18-62635, CH18-62636, CH18-62637, CH18-62638, CH18-62639, CH18-62640, CH18-62642, CH18-62643, CH18-62644, CH18-62645, CH18-62646, CH18-62647, CH18-62649, CH18-62650, CH18-62651, CH18-62653, CH18-62654, CH18-62655, CH18-62657, CH18-62658, CH18-62659, CH1000-2023, CH18-62661, CH20-62604, CH1000-2020, CH20-64501, CH20-64503, CH20-64506, CH20-64507, CH20-64508, CH20-64510, CH20-64519, CH20-64533, CH20-64535, CH20-64537, CH20-64541, CH20-64548, CH20-64554, CH20-64555, CH20-64556, CH20-64558, CH20-64559, CH20-64561, CH20-64562, CH20-64563, CH20-64567, CH20-64568, CH20-64571, CH20-64573, CH20-64574, CH20-64575, CH20-64576, CH20-64577, CH20-64578, CH20-64580, CH20-64581, CH20-64582, CH20-64583, CH20-64585, CH20-64586, CH20-64587, CH20-64588, CH20-64590, CH20-64592, CH20-64593, CH20-64594, CH20-64595, CH20-64596, CH20-64597, CH20-64602, CH20-64605, CH20-64606, CH20-64608, CH20-64609, CH20-64610, CH20-64611, CH20-64613, CH20-64614, CH20-64615, CH20-64616, CH20-64617, CH20-64618, CH20-64619, CH20-64620, CH20-64621, CH20-64622, CH20-64623, CH20-64624, CH20-64625, CH20-64626, CH20-64627, CH20-64630, CH20-64631, CH20-64632, CH20-64634, CH20-64637, CH20-64638, CH20-64640, CH20-64643, CH20-64644, CH20-64647, CH20-64649, CH20-64651, CH20-64652, CH20-64656, CH20-64658, CH20-64659, CH20-64660, CH20-64661, CH20-64665, CH20-64667, CH20-64676, CH20-64681, CH20-64687, CH20-64694, CH20-64699, CH20-64702, CH20-64703, CH20-64706, CH20-64720, CH20-64725, CH20-64727, CH20-64728, CH20-64729, CH20-64732, CH20-64733, CH20-64737, CH20-64742, CH20-64743, CH20-64746, CH20-64748, CH20-64749, CH18-62660, CH20-64500, CH22-66531, CH22-66534, CH22-66535, CH22-66536, CH22-66539, CH22-76511, CH25-68558, CH25-68571, CH25-68579, CH25-68608, CH25-68613, CH25-68636, CH25-68645, CH25-68647, CH25-68692, CH25-68693, CH22-66508, CH640-3042, CH640-3050, CH640-3051, CH640-3052, CH730-0113, CH730-0149, CH740-0053, CH1000-2012, CH740-3120, CV18-61500, CV18-61553, CV18-61571, CV18-61573, CV18-61578, CV20-65583, CV22-67536, CV22-75518, CV23-75552, CV25-69521, CV25-69538, CV25-69546, CV620-3001, LV675-851501, LV675-851502, LV675-851509, LV675-851511, LV675-851513, LV675-851515, LV675-851516, LV680-0001, LV680-0002, LV680-0010, LV680-0011, LV680-0012, CH20-64751, CH18-62575, CH25-68699, CV17-72512, CH1000-2002, CH1000-0012

117, 217-D, 225, 228, 3, 300, 322-D, 325-D, 430447, 433447, 437447, 52, 589447, 62, 72, CH18-CH25, CH620-CH740, CH750, CH940-CH1000, CV17-CV25, CV670-CV740, CV750, CV940-CV1000, LH630-LH755, LV625-LV680, SV710-SV740, SV810-SV840, Z256, Z286, 327

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