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12-041-05 Kohler Fuel Bowl Gasket

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12-041-05 Kohler Fuel Bowl Gasket 

Genuine OEM replacement 

Fits Models:

1332 (55AD210Q195) Walk Behind Rotary Mower
1332G (55AD210Q195)(2000) Walk Behind Rotary Mower
1332G (55AD210Q195)(2001) Walk Behind Rotary Mower
1336 (55AD210R195) Walk Behind Rotary Mower
1336G (55AE210R195)(2000) Walk Behind Rotary Mower
1336G (55AE210R195)(2001) Walk Behind Rotary Mower
CH11S-16119 Engine
CH11T-1630 Engine
CH12.5-1900 Engine
CH12.5-1901 Engine
CH12.5-1902 Engine
CH12.5-1903 Engine
CH12.5-1904 Engine
CH12.5-1905 Engine
CH12.5-1907 12.5 HP Engine
CH12.5-1909 12.5 HP Engine
CH12.5-1910 12.5 HP Engine
CH12.5-1911 12.5 HP Engine
CH12.5-1912 12.5 HP Engine
CH12.5-1913 12.5 HP Engine
CH12.5-1914 12.5 HP Engine
CH12.5-1916 12.5 HP Engine
CH12.5-1917 12.5 HP Engine
CH12.5-1918 12.5 HP Engine
CH12.5-1919 12.5 HP Engine
CH12.5-1920 12.5 HP Engine
CH12.5-1921 12.5 HP Engine
CH12.5-1922 12.5 HP Engine
CH12.5-1923 12.5 HP Engine
CH12.5-1924 12.5 HP Engine
CH12.5GS-1926 Engine
CH12.5S-1934 Engine
CH14-1800 Engine
CH14-1801 Engine
CH14-1802 Engine
CH14-1803 Engine
CH14-1804 Engine
CH14-1805 Engine
CH14-1807 Engine
CH14-1809 Engine
CH14-1810 Engine
CH14-1811 Engine
CH14-1812 Engine
CH14-1813 Engine
CH14-1816 Engine
CH14-1817 Engine
CH14-1818 Engine
CH14S-1829 Engine
CH11-1600 Engine
CH11-1602 Engine
CH11-1611 Engine
CH11-1612 Engine
CH11-1613 Engine
CH11-1615 Engine
CH11-1616 Engine
CH11-1617 Engine
CH11-1618 Engine
CH11-1619 Engine
CH11-1620 Engine
CH11-1621 Engine
CH11-1623 Engine
CH11-1625 Engine
CV12.5T-1279 Engine
CV12.5T-1283 Engine
CV13S-21509 Engine
CV13S-21516 Engine
CV13T-21515 Engine
CV13T-21517 Engine
CV13T-21522 Engine
CV13T-21527 Engine
CV14-1401 Engine
CV14-1402 Engine
CV14-1403 Engine
CV14-1404 Engine
CV14-1405 Engine
CV14-1408 Engine
CV14-1408 Engine
CV14-1410 Engine
CV14-1411 Engine
CV14-1412 Engine
CV14-1413 Engine
CV14-1414 Engine
CV14-1415 Engine
CV14-1416 Engine
CV14-1417 Engine
CV14-1418 Engine
CV14-1419 Engine
CV14-1420 Engine
CV14-1422 Engine
CV14-1423 Engine
CV14-1424 Engine
CV14-1425 Engine
CV14-1427 Engine
CV14-1428 Engine
CV14-1429 Engine
CV14-1430 Engine
CV14-1431 Engine
CV14-1432 Engine
CV14-1433 Engine
CV14-1434 Engine
CV14-1436 Engine
CV14-1437 Engine
CH5-1522 Engine
CH5-1525 Engine
CH5-1526 Engine
CH5-1527 Engine
CH5-1528 Engine
CH5-1529 Engine
CH5-1535 Engine
CH5-1536 Engine
CV12.5-1201 Engine
CV12.5-1202 Engine
CV12.5-1203 Engine
CV12.5-1204 Engine
CV12.5-1205 Engine
CV12.5-1210 Engine
CV12.5-1211 Engine
CV12.5-1213 Engine
CV12.5-1214 Engine
CV12.5-1215 Engine
CV12.5-1216 Engine
CV12.5-1217 Engine
CV12.5-1218 Engine
CV12.5-1219 Engine
CV12.5-1220 Engine
CV11-1101 Engine
CV11-1102 Engine
CV11-1103 Engine
CV11-1104 Engine
CV11-1105 Engine
CV12.5-1223 Engine
CV12.5-1224 Engine
CV12.5-1225 Engine
CV12.5-1227 12.5 HP Engine
CV12.5-1229 12.5 HP Engine
CV12.5-1230 12.5 HP Engine
CV12.5-1235 12.5 HP Engine
CV12.5-1237 12.5 HP Engine
CV12.5-1240 12.5 HP Engine
CV12.5-1241 12.5 HP Engine
CV12.5-1242 12.5 HP Engine
CV12.5-1243 12.5 HP Engine
CV12.5-1245 12.5 HP Engine
CV12.5-1246 12.5 HP Engine
CV12.5-1247 12.5 HP Engine
CV12.5-1248 12.5 HP Engine
CV12.5-1249 12.5 HP Engine
CV12.5-1250 12.5 HP Engine
CV12.5-1252 12.5 HP Engine
CV12.5-1253 12.5 HP Engine


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