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12 789 02 Kohler Maintenance Kit

12-789-02 Kohler Maintenance Kit 12 789 02s


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12 789 02-S Genuine Kohler Maintenance Kit 1278902S 12 789 02 12-789-02-S

Fits 11HP - 16HP Command PRO Single Cylinder Models CV11 - CV16 CV460 - CV493

Kit Includes

  • 1 - 12 083 10-S Air Filter, KH-12-883-10-S1, KH-12-083-12, KH-12-083-10, 1208310-S1, 1208310-S and 12-083-10-S
  • 1 - 12 083 12-S Pre-Cleaner
  • 1 - 12 032 11-S Seal
  • 1 - 12 100 08-S Wing Nut
  • 1 - 52 050 02-S Oil Filter
  • 1 - 25 050 22-S Fuel Filter
  • 1 - 12 132 02-S Spark Plug
  • 2 - 25 357 06-S Oil

KOHLER Engine Maintenance Kits put it all together for you – with substantial savings over buying parts separately. 

Fits models:

CV12.5T-1279 Engine
CV12.5T-1283 Engine
CV12.5T-1284 Engine
CV13S-21502 Engine
CV13S-21533 Engine
CV13S-21535 Engine
CV13T-21501 Engine
CV13T-21513 Engine
CV13T-21515 Engine
CV13T-21517 Engine
CV13T-21518 Engine
CV13T-21522 Engine
CV13T-21523 Engine
CV13T-21524 Engine
CV13T-21527 Engine
CV13T-21530 Engine
CV13T-21534 Engine
CV13T-21538 Engine
CV13T-21540 Engine
CV14-1401 Engine
CV14-1403 Engine
CV14-1404 Engine
CV14-1408 Engine
CV14-1410 Engine
CV14-1411 Engine
CV14-1412 Engine
CV14-1413 Engine
CV14-1416 Engine
CV14-1417 Engine
CV14-1420 Engine
CV14-1427 Engine
CV14-1428 Engine
CV14-1429 Engine
CV14-1434 Engine
CV13ST-21503 Engine
CV13ST-21512 Engine
CV12.5-1201 Engine
CV12.5-1203 Engine
CV12.5-1204 Engine
CV11-1101 Engine
CV11-1103 Engine
CV11-1104 Engine
CV12.5-1241 12.5 HP Engine
CV12.5-1252 12.5 HP Engine
CV12.5-1254 12.5 HP Engine
CV14ST-1493 Engine
CV12.5-1265 12.5 HP Engine
CV12.5-1269 12.5 HP Engine
CV12.5-1275 12.5 HP Engine
CV14-1447 Engine
CV14-1448 Engine
CV14-1449 Engine
CV14-1461 Engine
CV14-1462 Engine
CV14-1464 Engine
CV14-1465 Engine
CV14-1466 Engine
CV14-1476 Engine
CV14-1479 Engine
CV14-1483 Engine
CV15T-41501 Engine
CV15T-41529 Engine
CV15T-41532 Engine
CV15T-41534 Engine
CV15T-41542 Engine
CV15T-41547 Engine
CV15T-41552 Engine
CV15T-41559 Engine
CV15T-41560 Engine
CV15T-41569 Engine
CV15T-41575 Engine
CV15T-41579 Engine
CV15T-41581 Engine
CV15T-41582 Engine
CV15T-41583 Engine
CV15T-41600 Engine
CV15T-41604 Engine
CV15T-41607 Engine
CV15T-41608 Engine
CV15T-41621 Engine
CV15T-41623 Engine
CV15T-41624 Engine
CV15T-41626 Engine
CV15T-41628 Engine
CV15T-41629 Engine
CV15T-41631 Engine
CV15T-41633 Engine
CV16S-43516 Engine
CV16S-43519 Engine
CV16S-43520 Engine
CV16S-43521 Engine
CV15ST-41503 Engine
CV15ST-41585 Engine
CV15ST-41595 Engine
CV16S-43524 Engine
CV16S-43527 Engine
CV492-27506 Command Pro Single Engine
CV492-27516 Command Pro Single Engine
CV492-27517 Command Pro Single Engine
CV492-27518 Command Pro Single Engine
CV492-27525 Command Pro Single Engine
CV492-27531 Command Pro Single Engine
CV492-27534 Command Pro Single Engine
CV492-27539 Command Pro Single Engine
CV491-27501 Command Pro Engine
CV491-27502 Command Pro Engine
CV491-27509 Command Pro Engine
CV493-27512 Engine
CV493-27513 Engine
CV493-27521 Engine
CV493-27526 Engine
CV493-27530 Engine
CV490 (27508) Command Engine
72052 (210000001-210999999)(2001) Lawn Tractor
72052 (220000001-220999999)(2002) Lawn Tractor
72072 (210000001-210999999)(2001) Lawn Tractor
72072 (220000001-220999999)(2002) Lawn Tractor
72200 (250000001-250999999)(2005) Lawn Tractor
72200 (230000001-230999999)(2003) Lawn Tractor
72200 (240000001-240999999)(2004) Lawn Tractor
74601 (230000001-230999999)(2003) Lawn Tractor
74601 (210000001-210999999)(2001) Lawn Tractor
74601 (220000001-220000912)(2002) Lawn Tractor
74601 (220000913-220999999)(2002) Lawn Tractor
74603 (260000001-260999999)(2006) Lawn Tractor
74603 (270000001-270999999)(2007) Lawn Tractor
74603 (280000001-280999999)(2008) Lawn Tractor
74701 (230000001-230999999)(2003) Lawn Tractor
74701 (210000001-210999999)(2001) Lawn Tractor
74701 (220000001-220999999)(2002) Lawn Tractor
74702 (240000001-240000199)(2004) Lawn Tractor
74702 (240000200-240999999)(2004) Lawn Tractor

1332 (55AD210Q195) Walk Behind Rotary Mower
1332G (55AD210Q195)(2000) Walk Behind Rotary Mower
1332G (55AD210Q195)(2001) Walk Behind Rotary Mower
1336 (55AD210R195) Walk Behind Rotary Mower
1336G (55AE210R195)(2000) Walk

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