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14-853-49 Kohler Carburetor Assembly 14 853 36-S 14 853 49-S

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14-853-49 Kohler OEM Carburetor Assembly
  • Genuine Kohler manufacturer's OEM part
  • Fits Kohler XT650 and XT675
  • Replaces 98516
XT675 Engine
XT173-0325 Marina Systems (8.0 Ft Lbs Gr
XT650-2013 Toro (6.5 (8.8) Ft Lbs Gross
XT650-2015 Toro (6.5 (8.8) Ft Lbs Gross
XT650-3014 Toro (6.5 (8.8) Ft Lbs Gross
XT650-3016 Toro (6.5 (8.8) Ft Lbs Gross
XT675-0005 Marketing Basic (6.75 (9.2) F
XT675-0013 Toro (6.75 (9.2) Ft Lbs Gross
XT675-0022 Viking Gmbh (6.75 (9.2) Ft Lb
XT675-2011 Toro (6.75 (9.2) Ft Lbs Gross
XT675-2014 Hop (6.75 (9.2) Ft Lbs Gross
XT675-2017 Mtd (6.75 (9.2) Ft Lbs Gross
XT675-2019 Viking (6.75 (9.2) Ft Lbs Gro
XT675-3001 Marketing Basic (6.75 (9.2) F
XT675-3012 Toro (6.75 (9.2) Ft Lbs Gross
XT675-3016 Hop (6.75 (9.2) Ft Lbs Gross
XT675-3018 Mtd (6.75 (9.2) Ft Lbs Gross
XT800-0030 Greenman (8.0 Ft Lbs Gross To
XT800-3037 Outils Wolf (8.0 Ft Lbs Gross
XT800-3038 Outils Wolf (8.0 Ft Lbs Gross
XT800-3054 Outils Wolf (8.0 Ft Lbs Gross
XT800-3058 Outlis Wolf (8.0 Ft Lbs Gross
XT149-0012 Engine
XT149-0023 Engine
XT149-0026 Engine
XT149-0028 Engine
XT149-0036 Engine
XT149-0037 Engine
XT149-0200 Engine
XT149-0201 Engine
XT149-0202 Engine
XT149-0213 Engine
XT149-0214 Engine
XT149-0216 Engine
XT149-0217 Engine
XT149-0220 Engine
XT149-0221 Engine
XT149-0223 Engine
XT149-0224 Engine
XT149-0225 Engine
XT149-0226 Engine
XT149-0227 Engine
XT149-0311 Engine
XT149-0314 Engine
XT149-0316 Engine
XT149-0317 Engine
XT149-0318 Engine
XT149-3312 Engine
XT149-3313 Engine
XT173-0201 Engine
XT173-0232 Engine
XT149-3311 Engine
HD775-3019 HD Series Engine, 10.5 ft-lbs, 173cc
HD775-3033 HD775- Engine
XT675-3002 XT675 Engine
XT675-3003 XT675 Engine
XT675-0020 Marina Systems Engine
XT675-3032 XT675 Engine
XT675-0028 Viking Engine
XT675-0023 Viking Engine
XT675-0030 XT675- Engine
XT775-3074 John Deere Engine
XT775-3031 XT775- 7.75 (10.5) ft lbs Gross Torque
XT775-3081 XT775-7.75 (10.5) ft lbs Gross Torque Engine
XTX775-3081 XTX775-Engine

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