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14-853-60 Kohler Carburetor Assembly with Gaskets 14 853 60-S

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14-853-60 Kohler Carburetor Kit - includes carburetor assembly and gaskets

Replaces - 1485348-S, 1485344-S and 1485325-S.

Fits Models -

XT173-0243 Shenzhen Eon (8.0 Ft Lbs Gros
XT173-0326 Speeco (8.0 Ft Lbs Gross Torq
XT173-3326 Speeco
XT800-0031 Supow (8.0 Ft Lbs Gross Torqu
XT800-0033 Gians (8.0 Ft Lbs Gross Torqu
XT800-1027 Greenfield Mowers (8.0 Ft Lbs
XT800-2029 Speeco (8.0 Ft Lbs Gross Torq
HD775-3088 Beijing Greenman
HD775-3108 Yangzhou Weibang
HD775-3015 Kaaz
HD775-3016 Kaaz
HD775-3032 Kaaz
HD775-3012 Kaaz
HD775-3101 Chinese Marketing
HD775-3104 China Marketing
XT173-0062 Basic
XT173-0239 Changzhou Power Sys
XT775-3073 Ariens
XTX775-3119 Guangzhou
XTX775-3024 Yangzhou Weibang
XTX775-3059 Shanghai Mtd
XTX775-3060 Shanghai Mtd
XTX775-3071 Yangzhou Weibang
XT800-3067 Xiansan
XTX775-3139 Beijing Greenman
XT775-3105 Zhejiang Leo
XT775-2021 Xiansan
XT775-3022 Ningbo Supow
XT775-3110 Beijing Greenman
XT775-3044 Guangzhou
XT800-3066 Ningbo Supow
XT775-3059 Mtd
XT775-3070 Yangzhou Weibang
XT775-3088 Beijing Greenman
XTX775-3094 Marketing
XTX775-3143 Yangzhou Weibang
XT775-3094 Basic
XT775-3108 Yangzhou Weibang
XTX775-3140 China Marketing
XTX775-3141 China Marketing
XTX775-3142 Ningbo Supow
XT775-3101 Marketing

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