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16100-Z0L-853 Honda Carburetor 16100-Z0L-801 GCV160A

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Honda 16100-Z0L-853 Carburetor 16100-Z0L-801, 16100-Z0L-852, 16100-Z0L-851, 16100-Z0L-802

Replaces Craftsman 7301138, BB62G A. Craftsman 7301138

Use with carburetor gaskets (sold separately): 

  • 5580238 Insulator, Carburetor 16211-ZL8-000
  • 5580246 Packing, Insulator 16212-ZL8-000
  • 4581120 Packing, Carburetor 16228-ZL8-000
  • 5580253 Packing, Carburetor 19650-ZM0-000 air guide includes 16221-883-800

Fits Models -

GCV160A (Type R3A1)(VIN# GJAEA-8000001-8018819) Small Engine
GCV160A (Type RTL1)(VIN# GJAEA-1000001) Small Engine
GCV160A (Type S1A)(VIN# GJAEA-1000001-5386302) Small Engine
GCV160A (Type S1A1)(VIN# GJAEA-1000001-6699999) Small Engine
GCV160A (Type S3A)(VIN# GJAEA-1000001-5386302) Small Engine
GCV160A (Type STA1)(VIN# GJAEA-1000001-6699999) Small Engine
GCV160A (Type STL1)(VIN# GJAEA-1000001) Small Engine
GCV160A (Type R1A)(VIN# GJAEA-8000001-8018819) Small Engine
GCV160A (Type R3A)(VIN# GJAEA-8000001-8018819) Small Engine
GCV160LA (Type R3A)(VIN# GJAEA-8018820) Small Engine
GCV160LA (Type S1A)(VIN# GJAEA-5386303) Small Engine
GCV160LA (Type S3A)(VIN# GJAEA-5386303) Small Engine
GCV160LA0 (Type R3A)(VIN# GJARA-1000001) Small Engine
GCV160LA0 (Type S1A)(VIN# GJARA-1000001) Small Engine
GCV160LA0 (Type S3A)(VIN# GJARA-1000001) Small Engine
GCV160A (TYPE S3A)(Vin# GJAEA-1000001) General Purpose Engine
20192 (290000001-290999999)(2009)


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