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1673MA Murray Craftsman Snowblower Auger Clutch Spring

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1673MA Murray Snowblower AUGER CLUTCH Spring

Replaces: 1673

Fits models:

Canadian Craftsman

C950-52005-0 Snowblower
C950-52009-0 Snowblower
C950-52021-0 Snowblower
C950-52119-3 Snowblower
C950521193 Snowblower Gas
C950523183 Dual Stage Snowblower
C950-52318-3 Snowblower
C950523303 Dual Stage Snowblower
C950-52330-3 Snowblower
C950523403 Dual Stage Snowblower
C950-52340-3 Snowblower
C950-52419-2 (2005) 24"
C950-52429-1 (2005) 24"
C950524302A Snow Blower
C950524312A Dual Stage Snowblower
C950-52475-8 Snowblower
C950524758 Snowblower 5 Hp
C950524759 Snowblower
C950-52475-9 Snowblower
C950-52915-0 Snowblower
C950-52919-0 Snowblower
C950529300 Snowblower
C950-52930-0 Snowblower
C950529430 Snowblower
C950-52943-0 Snowblower
C950529480 Snowblower
C950-52948-0 Snowblower

Also fits a large number of Murray Craftsman snowblowers.  Please contact us to ensure this part is right for your unit



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