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17-789-02-S Kohler Maintenance Kit 17 789 02-S

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17 789 02-S Genuine Kohler Maintenance Kit, CH395/CH440, 17 789 02-S / 1778902S

  • 1 x 17 083 21-S Air Filter Element 1708303-S and 1708303S 17-083-03-S 17-083-03-S
  • 1 x 17 083 15-S Air Filter Pre-Element
  • 1 x 25 357 34-S Fuel Treatment 1 oz
  • 2 x 25 357 22-S Bottles of Oil SAE-30
  • 1 x 25 132 23-S Spark Plug

KOHLER Engine Maintenance Kits put it all together for you – with substantial savings over buying parts separately. 

Fits models

CH440-3031 Engine
CH395-0011 Engine
CH395-0014 Engine
CH395-0015 Engine
CH395-0016 Engine
CH395-0021 Engine
CH395-0024 Engine
CH395-0025 Engine
CH395-0026 Engine
CH395-0032 Engine
CH395-0041 Engine
CH395-0101 Engine
CH395-0104 Engine
CH395-0105 Engine
CH395-0106 Engine
CH395-0107 Engine
CH395-0108 Engine
CH395-0111 Engine
CH395-0112 Engine
CH395-0113 Engine
CH395-0114 Engine
CH395-0115 Engine
CH395-0116 Engine
CH395-0117 Engine
CH395-0119 Engine
CH395-1031 Engine
CH395-3011 Engine
CH395-3014 Engine
CH395-3016 Engine
CH395-3018 Engine
CH395-3021 Engine
CH395-3024 Engine
CH395-3026 Engine
CH395-3031 Engine
CH395-3038 Engine
CH395-3041 Engine
CH395-3102 Engine
CH395-3103 Engine
CH395-3109 Engine
CH395-3111 Engine
CH395-3112 Engine
CH440-0011 Engine
CH440-0014 Engine
CH440-0016 Engine
CH440-0021 Engine
CH440-0024 Engine
CH440-0025 Engine
CH440-0026 Engine
CH440-0031 Engine
CH440-0032 Engine
CH440-0034 Engine
CH440-0035 Engine
CH440-0036 Engine
CH440-0041 Engine
CH440-0101 Engine
CH440-0102 Engine
CH440-0104 Engine
CH440-0105 Engine
CH440-0106 Engine
CH440-0107 Engine
CH440-0108 Engine
CH440-0110 Engine
CH440-0111 Engine
CH440-0117 Engine
CH440-1011 Engine
CH440-1014 Engine
CH440-1015 Engine
CH440-1031 Engine
CH440-1035 Engine
CH440-3011 Engine
CH440-3014 Engine
CH440-3016 Engine
CH440-3021 Engine
CH440-3024 Engine
CH440-3026 Engine
CH440-3034 Engine
CH440-3036 Engine
CH440-3041 Engine
CH440-3111 Engine
CH440-3112 Engine
CH440-3113 Engine
CH440-3114 Engine
CH440-3116 Engine
CH395-3128 9.5 Hp Engine
CH440-3117 14 Hp Engine
CH440-3118 14 Hp Engine
CH440-0015 Engine

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