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24-789-01 Kohler Maintenance Kit 24 789 01s

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2478901S Kohler Engine Maintenance Kit CV/CH Twin 24 789 01-S 24-789-01-S

KOHLER Engine Maintenance Kits put it all together for you – with substantial savings over buying parts separately. 


  • 1 - 47 083 03-S Air Filter 47-083-03, 4708303-S
  • 1 - 24 083 02-S Pre Filter
  • 2 - 25 132 12-S Spark Plugs
  • 1 - 25 050 22-S Fuel Filter
  • 1 - 12 050 01-S Oil Filter (5205002S is 3.47" in height larger capacity, 1205001S is 2.72" in height}
  • 2 - 25 357 06-S Quarts SAE 10W30 Kohler Motor Oil

**Not for Pro Series engines** 

Fits models:

K361-23100 Engine
K361-23104 Engine
K361-23107 Engine
K361-23108 Engine
K361-23110 Engine
K361-23116 Engine
K361-23119 Engine
K361-23121 Engine
K361-23123 Engine
K361-23124 Engine
K361-23125 Engine
K361-23126 Engine
CH20-64520 Engine
CH20-64521 Engine
CH20-64522 Engine
CH20-64523 Engine
CH20-64524 Engine
CH20-64525 Engine
CH20-64526 Engine
CH20-64529 Engine
CH20-64530 Engine
CH20-64531 Engine
CH20-64532 Engine
CH20-64533 Engine
CH20-64535 Engine
CH20-64536 Engine
CH20-64537 Engine
CH20-64538 Engine
CH20-64539 Engine
CH20-64540 Engine
CH20-64541 Engine
CH20-64542 Engine
CH20-64543 Engine
CH20-64544 Engine
CH20-64545 Engine
CH20-64546 Engine
CH20-64547 Engine
CH20-64548 Engine
CH20-64549 Engine
CH20-64550 Engine
CH20-64551 Engine
CH20-64553 Engine
CH20-64554 Engine
CH20-64555 Engine
CH20-64556 Engine
CH20-64558 Engine
CH20-64560 Engine
CH20-64564 Engine
CH20-64565 Engine
CH20-64566 Engine
CH20-64567 Engine
CH20-64585 Engine
CH20-64588 Engine
CH20-64590 Engine
CH20-64593 Engine
CH20-64596 Engine
CH20-64598 Engine
CH20-64607 Engine
CH20-64608 Engine
CH20-64609 Engine
CH20S-64561 CH20S
CH20S-64562 CH20S
CH20S-64570 CH20S
CH20S-64572 CH20S
CH20S-64576 CH20S
CH20S-64578 CH20S
CH20S-64580 CH20S
CH20S-64582 CH20S
CH20S-64583 CH20S
CH20S-64586 CH20S
CH20S-64587 CH20S
CH20S-64600 CH20S
CH20S-64605 CH20S
CH20S-64610 CH20S
CH20S-64612 CH20S
CH20GS-64620 CH20GS
CH20GS-64633 CH20GS
CH20GS-64674 CH20GS
CH20GST-64662 CH20GST
CH20QS-64678 CH20QS
CH18-62500 Engine
CH18-62501 Engine
CH18-62502 Engine
CH18-62503 Engine
CH18-62504 Engine
CH18-62505 Engine
CH18-62506 Engine
CH18-62509 Engine
CH18-62510 Engine
CH18-62511 Engine
CH18-62512 Engine
CH18-62513 Engine
CH18-62514 Engine
CH18-62515 Engine
CH18-62516 Engine
CH18-62517 Engine
CH18-62519 Engine
CH18-62520 Engine
CH18-62521 Engine
CH18-62522 Engine
CH18-62523 Engine
CH18-62524 Engine
CH18-62525 Engine
CH18-62526 Engine
CH18-62527 Engine
CH18-62528 Engine
CH18-62530 Engine
CH18-62532 Engine
CH18-62533 Engine
CH18-62534 Engine
CH18-62535 Engine
CH18-62536 Engine
CH18-62538 Engine
CH18-62540 Engine
CH18-62541 Engine
CH18-62542 Engine
CH18-62544 Engine
CH18-62545 Engine
CH18-62547 Engine
CH18-62548 Engine
CH18-62549 Engine
CH18-62550 Engine
CH18-62551 Engine
CH18-62553 Engine
CH18-62554 Engine
CH18-62556 Engine
CH18-62558 Engine
CH18-62559 Engine
CH18-62560 Engine
CH18-62561 Engine
CH18-62562 Engine
CH18-62563 Engine
CH18-62564 Engine
CH18-62565 Engine
CH18-62569 Engine
CH18-62570 Engine
CH18-62572 Engine
CH18-62588 Engine
CH18-62590 Engine
CH18-62591 Engine
CH18-62592 Engine
CH18-62593 Engine
CH18-62594 Engine
CH18-62595 Engine
CH18GS-62602 Engine
CH18GS-62608 Engine
CH18GS-62628 Engine
CH18GS-62629 Engine
CH18GST-62597 Engine
CH18GST-62612 Engine

917250482 Lawn Tractor
917250541 Lawn Tractor
917251510 Lawn Tractor
917251512 Lawn Tractor
917251520 Lawn Tractor
917251521 Lawn Tractor
917251522 Lawn Tractor
917251523 Lawn Tractor
917251550 Lawn Tractor
917251551 Lawn Tractor
917251560 Lawn Tractor
917251561 Lawn Tractor
917251630 Lawn Tractor
917251640 Lawn Tractor
917251641 Lawn Tractor
917251642 Lawn Tractor
917251650 Lawn Tractor
917251660 Lawn Tractor

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