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2T001 Aspen FUEL 2-CYCLE 1L (Orange)

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2T001 Aspen FUEL 2-CYCLE 1 Litre bottle (Orange)

Use Aspen 2 multi-mix alkylate fuel with your air-cooled two-stroke engines. It comes pre-mixed with premium and fully synthetic biodegradable oil for engines requiring 40:1 and 50:1 mixes.

Aspen 2 is virtually free of harmful components, which is especially important when working with handheld machines where the exhaust exits near your face.

With Aspen 2, you will minimize the amount of carbon residue and deposits left on the engine and it will be easier to start up.

Technical Advantages:
• Ready to use, mixed with a high quality biodegradable oil.
• Can be stored for 5 years without decreased quality.
• Free from ethanol.

• Hedgers
• Chaisaws
• Cut-Off-Saws
• Trimmers
• Bruschcutters

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