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30-758 OREGON Air Filter Replaces Lawnboy 613361 684249

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 High quality air filters from Oregon manufactured to exact OEM tolerances on width, height, and length to ensure a perfect fit in the filter canister. All air filters are made from premium filter paper and the pleat count is made to OEM specifications.

  • Replace Lawn Boy 613361, 684249
  • Measurements: Length: 6-5/8"; Width 3-7/8"; Height: 7/8"
  • For M series engines Panel filter used since 1987

 OEM Parts -

Laser - 93081
Lawn-Boy - 613361
Rotary - 6659
Lawn-Boy - 684249

Fits models -

Lawn Boy
10590 (6900001-6999999)(1996) M-Series
10590 (5900001-5999999)(1995) M-Series
10590 (4900001-4999999)(1994) M-Series Walk-Behind Power Mower
10590 (3900001-3999999)(1993) M-Series
10591 (6900001-6999999)(1996) M-Series
10591 (5900001-5999999)(1995) M-Series
10591 (4900001-4999999)(1994) M-Series Walk-Behind Power Mower
10591 (3900001-3999999)(1993) M-Series
10750 (39000001-39999999)(1993) Lawnmower
10750B (39000001-39999999)(1993) Lawnmower
10760 (39000001-39999999)(1993) Lawnmower
10760B (39000001-39999999)(1993) Lawnmower
10762B (5900001-5999999)(1995) Lawnmower
680501 (L00000001-L99999999)(1992) Lawnmower
680503 (L00000001-L99999999)(1992) Lawnmower
680522 (L00000001-L99999999)(1992) Lawnmower
680523 (L00000001-L99999999)(1992) Lawnmower
680549 (L00000001-L99999999)(1992) Lawnmower
680562 (L00000001-L99999999)(1992) Lawnmower
680563 (L00000001-L99999999)(1992) Lawnmower
680564 (L00000001-L99999999)(1992) Lawnmower
680567 (L00000001-L99999999)(1992) Lawnmower
680568 (L00000001-L99999999)(1992) Lawnmower
C21ZMR (J00000001-J99999999)(1990) Lawnmower
C21ZMRA (K00000001-K99999999)(1991) Lawnmower
C21ZMRB (K00000001-K99999999)(1991) Lawnmower
C21ZPR (J00000001-J99999999)(1990) Lawnmower
C21ZPRA (K00000001-K99999999)(1991) Lawnmower
C21ZPRB (K00000001-K99999999)(1991) Lawnmower
CM21BMR (J00000001-J99999999)(1990) Lawnmower
CM21EMR (J00000001-J99999999)(1990) Lawnmower
CM21ZMR (J00000001-J99999999)(1990) Lawnmower
CM21ZPR (J00000001-J99999999)(1990) Lawnmower
EM21BMR (K00000001-K99999999)(1991) Lawnmower
EM21BMRA (K00000001-K99999999)(1991) Lawnmower
EM21EMR (K00000001-K99999999)(1991) Lawnmower
EM21EMRA (K00000001-K99999999)(1991) Lawnmower
EM21ZMR (K00000001-K99999999)(1991) Lawnmower
EM21ZMRA (K00000001-K99999999)(1991) Lawnmower
EM21ZPR (K00000001-K99999999)(1991) Lawnmower
EM21ZPRA (K00000001-K99999999)(1991) Lawnmower
M21BMR (H00000001-H99999999)(1989) Lawnmower
M21BMRA (J00000001-J99999999)(1990) Lawnmower
M21BMRB (K00000001-K99999999)(1991) Lawnmower
M21BMRC (K00000001-K99999999)(1991) Lawnmower
M21BMRD (K00000001-K99999999)(1991) Lawnmower
M21EMR (H00000001-H99999999)(1989) Lawnmower
M21EMRA (J00000001-J99999999)(1990) Lawnmower
M21EMRB (K00000001-K99999999)(1991) Lawnmower
M21EMRC (K00000001-K99999999)(1991) Lawnmower
M21EMRD (K00000001-K99999999)(1991) Lawnmower
M21ZMR (H00000001-H99999999)(1989) Lawnmower
M21ZMRA (J00000001-J99999999)(1990) Lawnmower
M21ZMRB (K00000001-K99999999)(1991) Lawnmower
M21ZMRC (K00000001-K99999999)(1991) Lawnmower
M21ZMRD (K00000001-K99999999)(1991) Lawnmower
M21ZPR (H00000001-H99999999)(1989) Lawnmower
M21ZPRA (J00000001-J99999999)(1990) Lawnmower
M21ZPRB (K00000001-K99999999)(1991) Lawnmower
M21ZPRC (K00000001-K99999999)(1991) Lawnmower
M21ZPRD (K00000001-K99999999)(1991) Lawnmower
684190 Rear Grass Catcher Assembly

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