33-346 Oregon Coil Replaces TECUMSEH 34443


  • $58.43

33-346 Oregon Coil Replaces TECUMSEH 34443

Replaces Tecumseh 34443, 34443A, 34443B, 34443C, 34443D

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**Please note there are no returns on electrical parts**

Fits models H30, H35, H40, H50 H50, H70, HH50, HH60, HH60, HS40, HS50, HSK40, HSK60, HSK600, HSK634, HSK70, HSK840, HSK845, HSK850, HSK870, HSSK40, HSSK50, HSSK55, HXL34, LAV35, LAV40, LAV50, OH195, OHH60, OHH65, OHSK50, OHSK55, OHSK60, OHSK65, OHSK70, OV195, OVRM60, OVRM65, TVM125, TVM140,
For models TVSS100, TVSS105, TVS115, TVS120, TVS600, TVS75, TVS840, TVS90, V70, VH50, VH70, VLV126, VLV40, VLV50, VLV55, VLV60, VLV65, VLXL50, VLXL55, VSK90, VSK100

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