394569S BRIGGS EXHAUST MUFFLER 394569 298830

Briggs & Stratton

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Replaces 298830 and 394569 8946 8812

Note as these mufflers superseded over time, the size changed slightly. See pics. The larger one is marked 394569 and 8946 on the box. The smaller one is marked 298830 and 8812 on the box. Both are part of Briggs and Stratton’s Superseding series. In our opinion both will thread on the same and it shouldn’t make any difference as long as you have clearance

Fits models

Canadian Craftsman

944.360010 Craftsman Lawn Mower
944.360011 Craftsman Lawn Mower
944.361170 Craftsman Lawn Mower
944.361180 Craftsman Lawn Mower
944.361300 Craftsman Lawn Mower
944.362010 Craftsman Lawn Mower
944.362011 Craftsman Lawn Mower
944.365200 Craftsman Lawn Mower
944.365201 Craftsman Lawn Mower
944.365202 Craftsman Lawn Mower
944.365210 Craftsman Lawn Mower
944.365211 Craftsman Lawn Mower
944.365240 Craftsman Lawn Mower
944.365790 Craftsman Lawn Mower
944.365791 Craftsman Lawn Mower
944.366780 Craftsman Lawn Mower
944.367030 Craftsman Lawn Mower
944.367040 Craftsman Lawn Mower
944.367170 Craftsman Lawn Mower
944.367171 Craftsman Lawn Mower
944.367172 Craftsman Lawn Mower
944.367500 Craftsman Lawn Mower
944.368030 Craftsman Lawn Mower
944.368700 Craftsman Lawn Mower
944.369040 Craftsman Lawn Mower
944.369041 Craftsman Lawn Mower
944.369500 Craftsman Lawn Mower
944.369502 Craftsman Lawn Mower
944.369503 Craftsman Lawn Mower

Briggs and Stratton

90700 Series Engine
9B900 Series Engine
9D900 Series Engine
9E900 Series Engine
9G900 Series Engine
9H900 Series Engine
9J900 Series Engine
9K900 Series Engine
9L900 Series Engine
9M900 Series Engine
9S500 Series Engine
9T500 Series Engine
9T700 Series Engine
10E900 Series Engine
92500 Series Engine
92900 Series Engine
133702 (0015) Model Series 133700
10A902-0015-01 Engine
10A902-0016-01 Engine
10A902-0018-01 Engine
10A902-0101-01 Engine
10A902-0106-01 Engine
10A902-0107-01 Engine
10A902-0108-01 Engine
10A902-0109-01 Engine
10A902-0151-01 Engine
10A902-0156-01 Engine
10A902-0157-01 Engine
10A902-0158-01 Engine
10A902-0160-01 Engine
10A902-0161-01 Engine
10A902-0162-01 Engine
10A902-0163-01 Engine
10A902-0164-01 Engine
10A902-0164-02 Engine
10A902-0164-03 Engine
10A902-0166-01 Engine
10A902-0168-01 Engine
10A902-0171-01 Engine
10A902-0172-01 Engine
10A902-0175-01 Engine
10A902-0178-01 Engine
10A902-0179-01 Engine
10A902-0180-01 Engine
10A902-0181-01 Engine
10A902-0181-02 Engine
10A902-0181-03 Engine
10A902-0182-01 Engine
10A902-0182-02 Engine
10A902-0182-03 Engine
10A902-0183-01 Engine
10A902-0184-01 Engine
10A902-0187-01 Engine
10A902-0188-01 Engine
10A902-0189-01 Engine
10A902-0190-01 Engine
10A902-0192-01 Engine
10A902-0194-01 Engine
10A902-0195-01 Engine
10A902-0196-01 Engine
10A902-0196-02 Engine
10A902-0198-01 Engine
10A902-0203-01 Engine
10A902-0204-01 Engine
10A902-0205-01 Engine
10A902-0207-01 Engine
10A902-0208-01 Engine
10A902-0212-01 Engine
10A902-0213-01 Engine
10A902-0215-01 Engine
10A902-0217-01 Engine
10A902-0221-01 Engine
10A902-0222-01 Engine
10A902-0223-01 Engine
10A902-0224-01 Engine
10A902-0226-01 Engine
10A902-0227-01 Engine
10A902-0228-01 Engine
10A902-0229-01 Engine
10A902-0232-01 Engine
10A902-0233-01 Engine
10A902-0235-01 Engine
10A902-0239-01 Engine
10A902-0240-01 Engine
10A902-0241-01 Engine
10A902-0242-01 Engine
10A902-0242-02 Engine
10A902-0244-01 Engine
10A902-0245-01 Engine
10A902-0246-01 Engine
10A902-0248-02 Engine
10A902-0423-A1 Engine
10A902-0426-A1 Engine
10A902-0439-A3 Engine
10A902-0471-A1 Engine
10A902-0478-A1 Engine
10A902-0479-A1 Engine
10A902-0483-A1 Engine
10A902-0505-01 Engine
10A902-0506-01 Engine
10A902-0615-A1 Engine
10A902-0616-A1 Engine
10A902-0618-A1 Engine
10A902-1023-01 Engine
10A902-1024-01 Engine
10A902-1605-B1 Engine
10A902-1605-E1 Engine
10A902-1615-B1 Engine
10A902-1615-E1 Engine
10A902-1616-B1 Engine
10A902-1616-E1 Engine
10A902-1618-B1 Engine
10A902-1618-E1 Engine
10A902-2001-B1 Engine
10A902-2001-E1 Engine
10A902-2003-B1 Engine
10A902-2004-B1 Engine
10A902-2005-B1 Engine
10A902-2007-B1 Engine
10A902-2008-B1 Engine
10A902-2010-B1 Engine
10A902-2011-B1 Engine
16000 (1000001-1999999)(1971) Lawn Mower
16111 (1000001-1999999)(1971) Lawn Mower
16222 (1000001-1999999)(1971) Lawn Mower
16325 (3000001-3999999)(1983) Lawn Mower
16330 (3000001-3999999)(1983) Lawn Mower
16330 (4000001-4999999)(1984) Lawn Mower
16330 (5000001-5999999)(1985) Lawn Mower
16410 (3900001-3999999)(1993) Lawn Mower
16411 (3900001-3999999)(1993) Lawn Mower
20180 (2000001-2999999)(1992) Lawn Mower
20181 (3900001-3999999)(1993) Lawn Mower
20181 (4900001-4999999)(1994) Lawn Mower
20181 (5900001-5999999)(1995) Lawn Mower
20181 (6900001-6999999)(1996) Lawn Mower
20181 (7900001-7999999)(1997) Lawn Mower
20181WF (3900001-3999999)(1993) Lawn Mower
20182 (39000001-39999999)(1993) Lawn Mower
20431 (39000001-39999999)(1993) Lawn Mower
20432 (39000001-39999999)(1993) Lawn Mower
20560 (3000001-3999999)(1983) Lawn Mower
20742 (4000001-4999999)(1984) Lawn Mower
20742C (5000001-5999999)(1985) Lawn Mower
20743C (5000001-5999999)(1985) Lawn Mower
20752 (2000001-2999999)(1982) Lawn Mower
20661 (3000001-3999999)(1983) Lawn Mower
20698 (2000001-2999999)(1982) Lawn Mower
20785 (2000001-2999999)(1982) Lawn Mower

50092502 Briggs & Stratton Engine

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