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4T001 Aspen FUEL 4-CYCLE 1L (BLUE)

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4T001 Aspen FUEL 4-CYCLE 1 litre bottle (BLUE)

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Aspen 4 is an alkylate fuel that is specially developed for four-stroke engines. It can be used with your four-stroke outdoor equipment, including lawnmowers, rototillers, and snow blowers. It is virtually free of harmful components such as benzene and other aromatic hydrocarbons to help keep your engine cleaner. With a cleaner fuel, users will have a vastly improved working experience with less smell and minimized harmful emissions coming from the exhaust. This is especially critical for frequent users and professionals.

Technical Advantages:
• Keeps your engine cleaner making it easier to start.
• Can be stored for 5 years without decreased quality.
• Free from ethanol.

• Lawn mowers
• Rototillers
• Garden tractors
• Compactors
• Outboard engines

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