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591459 Briggs and Stratton Craftsman Armature Magneto 492341

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591459 Briggs and Stratton Armature Magneto

Replaces 492341, 495859, 492341

Fits Models

750256060 Lawn Tractor
917256420 Lawn Tractor
917256421 Lawn Tractor
917256430 Lawn Tractor
917256450 Lawn Tractor
917256490 Lawn Tractor
917259370 Lawn Tractor
917259380 Lawn Tractor
580327071 Generator
580327072 Generator
580327074 Generator
580327075 Generator
580327077 Generator
917256890 Riding Tractor Lawn Mower
50028N707-0171-01 Engine
50028Q777-0662-A1 Engine
50028N707-0636-A1 Engine
50028N707-0635-A1 Engine
917256511 Tractor
917256390 Tractor (
917256491 Tractor
917256870 Tractor
917256830 Tractor
917256510 Tractor
Briggs and Stratton
19H132-0113-B1 Engine
19H132-0114-B1 Engine
19H132-0115-B1 Engine
19H132-0116-B1 Engine
19H232-0001-H1 Engine
19H232-0110-B1 Engine
19H232-0114-H1 Engine
19H232-0122-H1 Engine
19H232-0123-H1 Engine
19H232-0124-H1 Engine
19H232-0126-H1 Engine
19H232-0127-H1 Engine
19H232-0129-H1 Engine
19H232-0130-H1 Engine
19H236-0113-H1 Engine
19H237-0117-H1 Engine
19H237-0125-H1 Engine
19H237-0132-H1 Engine
19H252-0118-H1 Engine
19L132-0110-F1 Engine
19L132-0111-F1 Engine
19L132-0112-F1 Engine
19L132-0115-F1 Engine
19L132-0117-F1 Engine
19L132-0118-F1 Engine
19L132-0119-F1 Engine
19L132-0122-F1 Engine
19L132-0320-F1 Engine
19L132-0321-F1 Engine
19L136-0123-F1 Engine
19L137-0113-F1 Engine
19L137-0114-F1 Engine
19L137-0124-F1 Engine
19L232-0003-F1 Engine
19L232-0005-F1 Engine
19L232-0006-H1 Engine
19L232-0008-H1 Engine
19L232-0009-H1 Engine
19L232-0012-G1 Engine
19L232-0036-F1 Engine
19L232-0037-F1 Engine
19L232-0050-H1 Engine
19L232-0051-G1 Engine
19L232-0054-G1 Engine
19L232-0055-F1 Engine
19L232-0110-F1 Engine
19L232-0111-F1 Engine
19L232-0112-F1 Engine
19L232-0120-F1 Engine
19L232-0123-F1 Engine
19L232-0125-F1 Engine
19L232-0127-F1 Engine
19L232-0135-F1 Engine
19L232-0141-F1 Engine
19L232-0314-F1 Engine
19L232-0315-F1 Engine
19L232-0316-F1 Engine
19L236-0014-F1 Engine
19L236-0116-F1 Engine
19L236-0118-F1 Engine
19L236-0122-F1 Engine
19L236-0126-F1 Engine
19L236-0138-F1 Engine
19L236-0324-F1 Engine
19L237-0004-H1 Engine
19L237-0010-F1 Engine
19L237-0011-G1 Engine
19L237-0013-F1 Engine
19L237-0042-F1 Engine
19L237-0052-H1 Engine
19L237-0053-G1 Engine
19L237-0056-F1 Engine
19L237-0114-F1 Engine
19L237-0117-F1 Engine
19L237-0119-F1 Engine
19L237-0128-F1 Engine
19L237-0134-F1 Engine
19L237-0136-F1 Engine
19L237-0317-F1 Engine
19L237-0319-F1 Engine
19L237-0320-F1 Engine
19L237-0321-F1 Engine
19L237-0322-F1 Engine
19L252-0049-F1 Engine
245432-0235-B1 Engine
245432-0235-B2 Engine
245432-0242-B1 Engine
245432-0247-B1 Engine
245432-0261-B1 Engine
245432-0270-B1 Engine
245432-0274-B1 Engine
245432-0290-B1 Engine
245432-0290-B2 Engine
245432-0519-B1 Engine
245432-0519-B2 Engine
245432-0521-B1 Engine
245432-0529-B1 Engine
245432-0546-B1 Engine
245432-0553-B1 Engine
245432-0562-B1 Engine
245432-0565-B1 Engine
245432-0566-B1 Engine
245432-0567-B1 Engine
245432-0577-B1 Engine
245432-0579-B1 Engine
245435-0303-B1 Engine
245435-0561-B1 Engine
245436-0133-B1 Engine
245436-0564-B1 Engine
245436-0576-B1 Engine
245437-0280-B1 Engine
245437-0280-B2 Engine
245437-0284-B1 Engine
245437-0523-B1 Engine
245437-0523-B2 Engine
245437-0528-B1 Engine
245437-0532-B1 Engine
245437-0556-B1 Engine
245437-0559-B1 Engine
245437-0563-B1 Engine
245437-0580-B1 Engine
245437-0581-B1 Engine
356776-0006-G1 Engine
356776-0008-G1 Engine
356776-3046-G1 Engine
356777-0001-B1 Engine

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