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593432 Briggs and Stratton Carburetor Assembly

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593432 Briggs and Stratton Carburetor Assembly 

Genuine Briggs part

  • Includes: Carburetor, Gasket and Hose.
  • Used Before Code Date 08121500

Replaces: 790020, 794653, 794308, 790022, 698772, 794215, 791178, 793227, 790021, 791266 and 790019

Fits Models:


57300 (7000001-7999999)(1977) Lawn Tractor
57300 (8000001-8999999)(1978) Lawn Tractor
57300 (9000001-9999999)(1979) Lawn Tractor
57300 (0000001-0999999)(1980) Lawn Tractor
57300 (1000001-1999999)(1981) Lawn Tractor
57300 (2000001-2999999)(1982) Lawn Tractor
57300 (3000001-3999999)(1983) Lawn Tractor
57300 (4000001-4999999)(1984) Lawn Tractor
57300 (5000001-5999999)(1985) Lawn Tractor
57305 (8000001-8999999)(1978) Lawn Tractor
57351 (7000001-7999999)(1977) Lawn Tractor
57354 (6000001-6999999)(1986) Lawn Tractor
57354 (7000001-7999999)(1987) Lawn Tractor
57356 (8000001-8999999)(1978) Lawn Tractor
57356 (9000001-9999999)(1979) Lawn Tractor
71209 (240000001-240999999)(2004) Lawn Tractor
71209 (250000001-250005000)(2005) Lawn Tractor
71209 (250005001-250999999)(2005) Lawn Tractor
71209 (260000001-260999999)(2006) Lawn Tractor
71209 (270000001-270999999)(2007) Lawn Tractor
71209 (280000001-280999999)(2008) Lawn Tractor
71199 (240000001-240999999)(2004) Lawn Tractor
71199 (250000001-250999999)(2005) Lawn Tractor


Fits Engines:

Briggs and Stratton

21A707-0223-E1 Engine
21A707-0260-E1 Engine
21A807-0116-E1 Engine
21A807-0118-B1 Engine
21A807-0118-E1 Engine
21A807-0119-B1 Engine
21A807-0119-E1 Engine
21A807-0120-E1 Engine
21A807-0120-E9 Engine
21A807-0123-B1 Engine
21A807-0123-E1 Engine
21A807-0124-B1 Engine
21A807-0130-B1 Engine
21A807-0130-E1 Engine
21A807-0163-E1 Engine
21A807-0164-B1 Engine
21A807-0164-E1 Engine
21A807-0165-E1 Engine
21A807-0165-E9 Engine
21A807-0166-B1 Engine
21A807-0166-E1 Engine
21A807-0167-B1 Engine
21A807-0167-E1 Engine
21A807-0168-B1 Engine
21A807-0168-E1 Engine
21A807-0214-E1 Engine
21A807-0215-E1 Engine
21A807-0236-B1 Engine
21A807-0236-B2 Engine
21A807-0236-E1 Engine
21A807-0236-E2 Engine
21A807-0238-B1 Engine
21A807-0238-E1 Engine
21A807-0238-E2 Engine
21A807-0241-E1 Engine
21A807-0285-E1 Engine
21A807-0333-E1 Engine
21A807-0524-B1 Engine
21A877-0113-B1 Engine
21A877-0113-E1 Engine
21A902-0117-B1 Engine
21A902-0117-E1 Engine
21A902-0127-E1 Engine
21A902-0134-E1 Engine
21A902-0134-E2 Engine
21A902-0136-E1 Engine
21A902-0138-E1 Engine
21A902-0139-E1 Engine
21A902-0141-E1 Engine
21A902-0141-E9 Engine
21A902-0142-E1 Engine
21A902-0142-E2 Engine
21A902-0142-E9 Engine
21A902-0144-E1 Engine
21A902-0149-E1 Engine
21A902-0149-E9 Engine
21A902-0151-E1 Engine
21A902-0151-E9 Engine
21A902-0161-E1 Engine
21A902-0161-E9 Engine
21A902-0166-E1 Engine
21A902-0166-E9 Engine
21A902-0168-E1 Engine
21A902-0170-E1 Engine
21A902-0171-E1 Engine
21A902-0184-B1 Engine
21A902-0184-E1 Engine
21A907-0104-B1 Engine
21A907-0104-E1 Engine
21A907-0113-B1 Engine
21A907-0113-E1 Engine
21A907-0120-E1 Engine
21A907-0123-E1 Engine
21A907-0124-E1 Engine
21A907-0125-E1 Engine
21A907-0128-E1 Engine
21A907-0131-E1 Engine
21A907-0133-E1 Engine
21A907-0137-E1 Engine
21A907-0140-E1 Engine
21A907-0140-E9 Engine
21A907-0143-E1 Engine
21A907-0145-E1 Engine
21A907-0145-E9 Engine
21A907-0146-E1 Engine
21A907-0147-E1 Engine
21A907-0147-E9 Engine
21A907-0150-E1 Engine
21A907-0150-E9 Engine
21A907-0152-E1 Engine
21A907-0153-E1 Engine
21A907-0154-E1 Engine
21A907-0154-E9 Engine
21A907-0155-E1 Engine
21A907-0158-E1 Engine
21A907-0159-E1 Engine
21A907-0159-E9 Engine
21A907-0162-E1 Engine
21A907-0164-E1 Engine
21A907-0164-E9 Engine
21A907-0167-B1 Engine
21A907-0167-E1 Engine
21A907-0169-E1 Engine
21A907-0183-B1 Engine
21A907-0185-E1 Engine
21A972-0188-E1 Engine
21A972-0190-E9 Engine
21A976-0176-E1 Engine
21A977-0101-E1 Engine
21A977-0105-B1 Engine
21A977-0105-E1 Engine
21A977-0115-E1 Engine
21A977-0119-E1 Engine
21A977-0121-B1 Engine
21A977-0121-E1 Engine
21A977-0122-B1 Engine
21A977-0122-E1 Engine
21A977-0129-E1 Engine
21A977-0156-B1 Engine
21A977-0156-E1 Engine
21A977-0157-B1 Engine
21A977-0157-E1 Engine
21A977-0165-E1 Engine
21A977-0165-E9 Engine
21A977-0172-B1 Engine
21A977-0172-E1 Engine

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