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710075 Briggs and Stratton Hose Clamp - LIMITED AVAILABILITY

710075 Briggs and Stratton Hose Clamp - LIMITED AVAILABILITY

Briggs & Stratton

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710075 Briggs and Stratton Hose Clamp used with 395051R Fuel line sold separately - click here

Usually you require 2 fuel hose clamps if replacing fuel line.

The manufacturer has discontinued this part but we still have stock

While this is an OEM Briggs and Stratton part, it may be used on multiple applications that use the 395051R fuel line

Also used on gas powered golf carts incudes Club Car DS 1992+ 1012649, 1013687

Fits models (in part)

Briggs and Stratton
118432-0036-B1 Engine
118432-0036-E1 Engine
118432-0060-B1 Engine
118432-0060-E1 Engine
118432-0061-B1 Engine
118432-0061-E1 Engine
118432-0116-E1 Engine
118432-0118-E1 Engine
118432-0120-E1 Engine
118432-0123-B1 Engine
118432-0123-E1 Engine
118432-0124-E1 Engine
118432-0125-B1 Engine
118432-0125-E1 Engine
118432-0127-B1 Engine
118432-0127-E1 Engine
118432-0130-B1 Engine
118432-0130-E1 Engine
118432-0131-B1 Engine
118432-0131-E1 Engine
118432-0132-B1 Engine
118432-0132-E1 Engine
118432-0137-B1 Engine
118432-0137-E1 Engine
118432-0138-B1 Engine
118432-0138-E1 Engine
118432-0139-B1 Engine
118432-0139-E1 Engine
118432-0140-B1 Engine
118432-0140-E1 Engine
118432-0144-B1 Engine
118432-0144-E1 Engine
118432-0150-B1 Engine
118432-0150-E1 Engine
118432-0151-B1 Engine
118432-0151-E1 Engine
118432-0152-B1 Engine
118432-0152-E1 Engine
118432-0155-B1 Engine
118432-0155-E1 Engine
118436-0115-B1 Engine
118436-0115-E1 Engine
118437-0128-B1 Engine
118437-0128-E1 Engine
118437-0143-B1 Engine
118437-0143-E1 Engine
118437-0159-B1 Engine
118437-0159-E1 Engine
138432-0035-01 Engine
138432-0035-A1 Engine
138432-0035-A2 Engine
138432-0035-B1 Engine
138432-0035-B3 Engine
138432-0035-E1 Engine
138432-0035-E3 Engine
138432-0038-B1 Engine
138432-0038-B2 Engine
138432-0038-E1 Engine
138432-0038-E2 Engine
138432-0042-A1 Engine
138432-0042-B1 Engine
138432-0042-E1 Engine
138432-0047-A1 Engine
138432-0047-B1 Engine
138432-0047-E1 Engine
138432-0050-B2 Engine
138432-0050-E1 Engine
138432-0050-E2 Engine
138432-0120-E1 Engine
138432-0127-A1 Engine
138432-0127-B1 Engine
138432-0127-E1 Engine
138432-0128-E1 Engine
138432-0133-B1 Engine
138432-0133-E1 Engine
138432-0134-B1 Engine
138432-0134-E1 Engine
138432-0135-E1 Engine
138432-0136-B1 Engine
138432-0136-E1 Engine
138432-0141-B1 Engine
138432-0141-E1 Engine
138432-0142-E1 Engine
138432-0143-E1 Engine
138432-0147-01 Engine
138432-0148-E1 Engine
138432-0151-E1 Engine
138432-0153-01 Engine
138432-0154-E1 Engine
138432-0157-E1 Engine
138432-0158-B1 Engine
138432-0158-E1 Engine
138432-0159-E1 Engine
138432-0161-B1 Engine
138432-0161-E1 Engine
138432-0162-B1 Engine
138432-0162-E1 Engine
138432-0164-01 Engine
138432-0166-E1 Engine
138432-0168-01 Engine
138432-0170-E1 Engine
138432-0171-E1 Engine
138432-0173-E1 Engine
138432-0175-01 Engine
138432-0176-B1 Engine
138432-0176-E1 Engine
138432-0181-B1 Engine
138432-0181-E1 Engine
138432-0182-B1 Engine
138432-0182-E1 Engine
138432-0188-B1 Engine
138432-0188-E1 Engine
138432-0189-B1 Engine
138432-0189-E1 Engine
138432-0190-B1 Engine
138432-0190-E1 Engine
138432-0239-E1 Engine
138436-0165-E1 Engine
138437-0084-01 Engine
138437-0084-A1 Engine
138437-0140-B1 Engine
138437-0140-E1 Engine
138437-0149-E1 Engine
138437-0155-E1 Engine
138437-0156-01 Engine
138437-0284-B1 Engine
138437-0284-E1 Engine
138462-0131-A1 Engine
138462-0131-E1 Engine
138462-0132-E1 Engine
138462-0144-01 Engine
138462-0145-B1 Engine
138462-0145-E1 Engine
138462-0146-01 Engine
138462-0152-01 Engine
138462-0160-01 Engine
138462-0172-01 Engine
138462-0174-01 Engine
138466-0167-E1 Engine
138467-0169-E1 Engine



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