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794694 Briggs & Stratton Muffler Assembly

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794694 Briggs & Stratton Muffler Assembly

Includes - Muffler, Exhaust Gasket 695398, Tox Head Screw (x2) 696705, Screw 695312

Fits Models -

Briggs and Stratton
20A113-0533-E1 Engine
20A114-0120-E1 Engine
20A114-0134-E1 Engine
20A114-0363-E1 Engine
20A114-0537-E1 Engine
20A114-0537-E2 Engine
20A114-0733-E1 Engine
20A412-0007-E1 Engine
20A412-0009-E1 Engine
20A412-0100-E1 Engine
20A414-0110-E1 Engine
20B412-0100-E1 Engine
20B414-0113-E1 Engine
20B414-0121-E1 Engine
20C112-0100-E1 Engine
20C113-0253-E1 Engine
20C114-0269-E1 Engine
20C414-0111-E1 Engine
20C414-0148-E1 Engine
20D412-0100-E1 Engine
20D414-0017-E1 Engine
20D414-0019-E1 Engine
20D414-0111-E1 Engine
20D414-0112-E1 Engine
20E114-0122-E1 Engine
20E114-0695-E1 Engine
20E114-0927-E1 Engine
20E412-0100-E1 Engine
20F412-0100-E1 Engine
20F414-0017-E1 Engine
20F414-0019-E1 Engine
20F414-0112-E1 Engine
20G412-0100-E1 Engine
21A112-0100-E1 Engine
21A113-0254-E1 Engine
21A114-0017-E1 Engine
21A412-0100-E1 Engine
21A414-0019-E1 Engine
21A414-0134-E1 Engine
21B414-0019-E1 Engine
21B414-0117-E1 Engine
21C113-0345-E1 Engine
21C114-0370-E1 Engine
21C114-0370-E2 Engine
21C114-0538-E1 Engine
21C114-0538-E2 Engine
21C114-0936-E1 Engine
21C314-0116-E1 Engine
21X314-0110-E1 Engine
20G414-0222-E1 Engine

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