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821136 Briggs and Stratton Air Filter Inner Kawasaki 11013-701

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Briggs and Stratton 821136 Filter-Air Cleaner Cartridge

Use with Outer filter: 

Briggs 841497 AIR FILTER 


  • Ariens 21536900, 21538700
  • Bobcat 4114747
  • Briggs & Stratton 4236, 821136
  • Exmark 103-1326
  • Ferris 5022892X2, 5023140, 841238
  • Grasshopper 100937
  • Gravely 21538700
  • Hitachi 4423981
  • Hustler 785279
  • John Deere M131803, M144098, MIU12458, PMAF25552, RG25644, RG60866
  • Kawasaki 11013-7019, 11013-7045
  • Kohler 25 083 04, 25 083 04-S
  • Kubota 11013-7019, K7561-82820, R1411-42280, TA040-93220
  • Snapper Pro 5101542
  • Ariens 00181071
  • Ferris 5022892X1, 5100218, 841237
  • Gravely 21537000
  • John Deere M131802, M144100, MIU12457, PMAF25551, RG60690
  • Kawasaki 11013-7020
  • Kohler 25 083 01, 25 083 01-S
  • 100-780, 30-056

Fits Models:

Kawasaki FD750D, FD791D, FH601V-FH721V, FH770D, FX651V-FX1000V
Kohler C940-C980, CH18-CH1000, CV16-CV1000, LH630-LH775 and LV625-LV680; for 16 thru 26 HP engines

Fits Briggs and Stratton Engine Models:

474177-0100-E1 Engine
474177-0112-E1 Engine
541777-0110-E1 Engine
541777-1110-E1 Engine
542777-0113-E1 Engine
542777-1113-E1 Engine
540477-0110-E1 Engine
540477-0112-E1 Engine
540477-0112-G1 Engine
540477-0113-G1 Engine
540477-0116-G1 Engine
540477-0117-G1 Engine
540477-1116-G1 Engine
541477-0100-E1 Engine
541477-0111-E1 Engine
541477-0112-E1 Engine
541477-0113-E1 Engine
541477-0114-E1 Engine
541477-0115-E1 Engine
541477-0117-E1 Engine
541477-0118-E1 Engine
541477-0120-E1 Engine
541477-0121-E1 Engine
541477-0124-E1 Engine
541477-0125-E1 Engine
541477-0126-E1 Engine
541477-1112-E1 Engine
541477-1113-E1 Engine
541477-1115-E1 Engine
541477-1120-E1 Engine
541477-1127-E1 Engine
541477-1129-E1 Engine
542477-0100-E1 Engine
542477-0110-E1 Engine
542477-0111-E1 Engine
542477-0112-E1 Engine
542477-0113-E1 Engine
542477-0114-E1 Engine
542477-0115-E1 Engine
542477-0116-E1 Engine
542477-0118-E1 Engine
542477-0120-E1 Engine
542477-0121-E1 Engine
542477-0122-E1 Engine
542477-0123-E1 Engine
542477-0124-E1 Engine
542477-0125-E1 Engine
542477-0127-E1 Engine
542477-0128-E1 Engine
542477-1120-E1 Engine
542477-1121-E1 Engine
542477-1125-E1 Engine
542477-1127-E1 Engine
543477-0048-E1 Engine
543477-0065-E1 Engine
543477-0076-E1 Engine
543477-0078-E1 Engine
543477-0079-E1 Engine
543477-0100-E1 Engine
543477-0110-E1 Engine
543477-0111-E1 Engine
543477-0112-E1 Engine
543477-0113-E1 Engine
543477-0114-E1 Engine
543477-0115-E1 Engine
543477-0116-E1 Engine
543477-0118-B1 Engine
543477-0118-E1 Engine
543477-0119-E1 Engine
543477-0120-E1 Engine
543477-0121-E1 Engine
543477-0122-E1 Engine
543477-0124-E1 Engine
543477-0126-E1 Engine
543477-0127-E1 Engine
543477-0128-E1 Engine
543477-0129-E1 Engine
543477-0130-E1 Engine
543477-0131-E1 Engine
543477-0132-E1 Engine
543477-0137-E1 Engine
543477-0138-E1 Engine
543477-0139-E1 Engine
543477-0140-E1 Engine
543477-0141-E1 Engine
543477-0142-E1 Engine
543477-0144-E1 Engine
543477-0145-E1 Engine
543477-0146-E1 Engine
543477-0147-E1 Engine
543477-0148-E1 Engine
543477-0150-E1 Engine
543477-0151-E1 Engine
543477-0152-E1 Engine
543477-0153-E1 Engine
543477-0154-E1 Engine
543477-0157-E1 Engine
543477-0158-E1 Engine
543477-0159-E1 Engine
543477-0160-E1 Engine
543477-0163-E1 Engine
543477-0164-E1 Engine
543477-0166-E1 Engine
543477-0168-E1 Engine
543477-0169-E1 Engine
543477-0171-E1 Engine
543477-0172-G1 Engine
543477-0174-B1 Engine
543477-0175-G1 Engine
543477-0177-G1 Engine
543477-0178-B1 Engine
543477-0180-B1 Engine
543477-1048-E1 Engine
543477-1065-E1 Engine
543477-1076-E1 Engine
543477-1078-E1 Engine
543477-1079-E1 Engine
543477-1110-B1 Engine
543477-1110-E1 Engine
543477-1111-E1 Engine
543477-1118-E1 Engine
543477-1121-E1 Engine
543477-1122-E1 Engine
543477-1129-E1 Engine
543477-1131-B1 Engine
543477-1131-E1 Engine
543477-1140-E1 Engine
543477-1142-B1 Engine
543477-1142-E1 Engine
543477-1144-E1 Engine
543477-1146-B1 Engine
543477-1146-E1 Engine
543477-1147-B1 Engine
543477-1147-E1 Engine
543477-1153-E1 Engine
543477-1158-E1 Engine
543477-1159-B1 Engine
543477-1159-E1 Engine
543477-1164-B1 Engine
543477-1164-E1 Engine
543477-1165-E1 Engine
543477-1167-E1 Engine
543477-1168-B1 Engine
543477-1168-E1 Engine
543477-1169-E1 Engine
543477-1171-E1 Engine
543477-1174-B1 Engine
543477-1176-G1 Engine
543477-2065-B1 Engine
543477-2065-G1 Engine


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