498260 Briggs and Stratton Kit - Carburator Overhaul

Briggs & Stratton

  • $21.80

Normally ships in 3-7 days

Briggs and Stratton 498260 - Carb Kit

Original Manufacturer's part. Replaces 493762, 490937, 398183 and 498261

Normally ships in 3-7 days

  • For 3.5 and 4HP Max Series, all Quantum and 5HP Industrial Plus horizontal engines with a 122K00 or 123K00 carburetor

Kit includes the following parts:

  • Float bowl gasket 1/16" - 693981 
  • Float Bowl Gasket 1/8" 796610
  • Idle Mixture Kit 493765 - includes spring and idle valve
  • Float valve kit 398188 used before date code 18120100 - needle and seat 
  • Choke Shaft Seal 693867
  • Intake Manifold O-Ring Seal 270344s
  • Smaller choke throttle shaft seal 691321
  • Air Cleaner gasket 691321
  • Float hinge pin 797622
  • Welch plug 694468
  • Sealing washer 271716

Fits many models including:

917376271 Lawn Mower
917376430 Lawn Mower
Briggs and Stratton
122M02-0001-F1 Engine
122M02-0001-F4 Engine
122M02-0002-F1 Engine
122M02-0108-F1 Engine
122M02-0122-F1 Engine
122M02-0190-F4 Engine
122M02-1619-F4 Engine
122M02-2111-F4 Engine
122M05-3846-F4 Engine
122M07-0111-F1 Engine
122M07-0111-F4 Engine
122T02-0007-H1 Engine
122T02-0009-H1 Engine
122T02-0011-H1 Engine
122T02-0012-H1 Engine
122T02-0013-H1 Engine
122T02-0021-H1 Engine
122T02-0023-H1 Engine
122T02-0024-H1 Engine
122T02-0026-H1 Engine
122T02-0027-H1 Engine
122T02-0234-H1 Engine
122T02-0235-H1 Engine
122T02-0469-H1 Engine
122T07-0010-H1 Engine
122T07-0015-H1 Engine
122T07-0020-H1 Engine
124T02-0009-H1 Engine
124T02-0012-H1 Engine
124T02-0013-H1 Engine
124T02-0014-H1 Engine
124T02-0015-H1 Engine
124T02-0017-H1 Engine
124T02-0018-H1 Engine
124T02-0019-H1 Engine
124T02-0261-H1 Engine
124T07-0016-H1 Engine
124T07-0260-H1 Engine
126M02-0003-F4 Engine
126M02-0005-F4 Engine
126M02-0006-F1 Engine
126M02-0006-F4 Engine
126M02-0007-F1 Engine
126M02-0009-F1 Engine
126M02-0010-F1 Engine
126M02-0011-F1 Engine
126M02-0012-F1 Engine
126M02-0015-F1 Engine
126M02-0015-F4 Engine
126M02-0017-F1 Engine
126M02-0019-F1 Engine
126M02-0020-F1 Engine
126M02-0022-F1 Engine
126M02-0118-F4 Engine
126M02-0130-F1 Engine
126M02-0131-F4 Engine
126M02-0133-F1 Engine
126M02-0136-F1 Engine
126M02-0137-F1 Engine
126M02-0192-F4 Engine
126M02-0198-F4 Engine
126M02-0303-F4 Engine
126M02-0345-F1 Engine
126M02-0366-F1 Engine
126M02-0444-F4 Engine
126M02-1479-F4 Engine
126M02-1525-F4 Engine
126M02-1620-F4 Engine
126M05-0018-F1 Engine
126M05-0109-F4 Engine
126M07-0023-F1 Engine
126M07-0213-F4 Engine
126M07-5213-F4 Engine
126T02-0022-H1 Engine
126T02-0027-H1 Engine
126T02-0028-H1 Engine
126T02-0029-H1 Engine
126T02-0036-H1 Engine
126T02-0037-H1 Engine
126T02-0039-H1 Engine
126T02-0040-H1 Engine
126T02-0051-H1 Engine
126T02-0064-H1 Engine
126T02-0065-H1 Engine
126T02-0068-H1 Engine
126T02-0069-H1 Engine
126T02-0072-H1 Engine
126T02-0073-H1 Engine
126T02-0074-H1 Engine
126T02-0075-H1 Engine
126T02-0078-H1 Engine
126T02-0488-H1 Engine
126T02-0957-H1 Engine
126T05-0021-H1 Engine
126T05-0033-H1 Engine
126T07-0023-H1 Engine
126T07-0024-H1 Engine
126T07-0032-H1 Engine
126T07-0035-H1 Engine
127702-0100-01 Engine
127702-0115-01 Engine
127702-0117-01 Engine
127702-0117-02 Engine
127702-0119-01 Engine
127702-0119-02 Engine
127702-0120-01 Engine
127702-0123-01 Engine
127702-0124-01 Engine
127702-0130-01 Engine
127702-0131-01 Engine
127702-0600-01 Engine
127702-0608-01 Engine
127702-0617-01 Engine
127702-0617-02 Engine
127702-0618-01 Engine
127702-0619-01 Engine
127702-0619-02 Engine
127702-0623-01 Engine
127702-0624-01 Engine
127702-0626-01 Engine
127702-0630-01 Engine
127702-0632-01 Engine
127702-0637-01 Engine
127702-0639-01 Engine
127702-0641-01 Engine
127702-0643-01 Engine
127702-0645-01 Engine
127702-0646-01 Engine
127702-0648-01 Engine
127702-0651-01 Engine
127707-1710-B1 Engine
127707-1710-E1 Engine
127707-1711-B1 Engine
127707-1711-E1 Engine
127707-1712-B1 Engine
127707-1713-B1 Engine
127707-1713-E1 Engine
127707-1714-B1 Engine
127707-1716-B1 Engine
127707-1717-B1 Engine
127707-1718-B1 Engine
127707-1719-B1 Engine
127707-1722-B1 Engine
127707-1723-B1 Engine
127707-1726-B1 Engine
127707-1734-E1 Engine
127707-1736-B1 Engine
127707-1740-B1 Engine

Briggs and Stratton
93400 Series (0010-1286) Engine
129H00 Series (0005-0185) Engine
12A800 Series (0100, 0413, 0414, 0508, 0511, 0512, 0513, 0514, 0600, 0611, 061 Engine
12B800 Series Engine
12C700 Series Engine
12C800 Series Engine
12D800 Series Engine
90700 Series Engine
91700 Series Engine
9A400 Series Engine
9K400 Series Engine
1133-0 Portable Generator

Also fits a large number of Toro and cub Cadet engines in lawn mowers.  Please contact us to ensure this part is right for your unit

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