D10-WAT Walbro Diaphragm Gasket Carburetor Kit


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  • Efco 2318-308, 2318-441, 3300-224, 3300-869, 946-00210
  • Husqvarna 123625, 123633, 123640, 475152, 502103501, 505520131, 520131, 93500119, 
  • Solo 05 10 802
  • Stihl 0000 007 1073, 4133 007 1060, 8888 000 0090
  • Walbro D10-WAT, D1-WAT, D2-WAT, D4-WAT
  • Stens 615-443, 350-510, 350-512, 350-516, 350-521, 350-522, 350-530, 350-532, 350-533, 350-534, 350-535, 350-536, 350-541, 350-542, 350-548 and 350-558
  • Oregon 49-812

*Note we frequently carry the Oregon aftermarket version of this diaphram kit - search 49-812

Walbro WA and WT model carburetors. Popular for many trimmers

Ethanol Not compatible with greater than 10% ethanol fuel

Fits Models:

WA-1-1 Carburetor
WA-10-1 Carburetor
WA-100-1 Carburetor
WA-101-1 Carburetor
WA-102-1 Carburetor
WA-103-1 Carburetor
WA-106-1 Carburetor
WA-107-1 Carburetor
WA-108-1 Carburetor
WA-110-1 Carburetor
WA-112-1 Carburetor
WA-113-1 Carburetor
WA-114-1 Carburetor
WA-115-1 Carburetor
WA-116-1 Carburetor
WA-117-1 Carburetor
WA-118-1 Carburetor
WA-119-1 Carburetor
WA-12-1 Carburetor
WA-120-1 Carburetor
WA-121-1 Carburetor
WA-123-1 Carburetor
WA-124-1 Carburetor
WA-125-1 Carburetor
WA-126-1 Carburetor
WA-127-1 Carburetor
WA-13-1 Carburetor
WA-130-1 Carburetor
WA-131-1 Carburetor
WA-132-1 Carburetor
WA-133-1 Carburetor
WA-134-1 Carburetor
WA-135-1 Carburetor
WA-136-1 Carburetor
WA-137-1 Carburetor
WA-138-1 Carburetor
WA-139-1 Carburetor
WA-140-1 Carburetor
WA-141-1 Carburetor
WA-142-1 Carburetor
WA-143-1 Carburetor
WA-144-1 Carburetor
WA-145-1 Carburetor
WA-146-1 Carburetor
WA-147-1 Carburetor
WA-148-1 Carburetor
WA-149-1 Carburetor
WA-150-1 Carburetor
WA-151-1 Carburetor
WA-152-1 Carburetor
WA-153-1 Carburetor
WA-154-1 Carburetor
WA-155-1 Carburetor
WA-157-1 Carburetor
WA-158-1 Carburetor
WA-159-1 Carburetor
WA-160-1 Carburetor
WA-161-1 Carburetor
WA-162-1 Carburetor
WA-163-1 Carburetor
WA-164-1 Carburetor
WA-165-1 Carburetor
WA-166-1 Carburetor
WA-167-1 Carburetor
WA-168-1 Carburetor
WA-169-1 Carburetor
WA-17-1 Carburetor
WA-170-1 Carburetor
WA-171-1 Carburetor
WA-172-1 Carburetor
WA-173-1 Carburetor
WA-174-1 Carburetor
WA-175-1 Carburetor
WA-177-1 Carburetor
WA-178-1 Carburetor
WA-179-1 Carburetor
WA-18-1 Carburetor
WA-180-1 Carburetor
WA-181-1 Carburetor
WA-182-1 Carburetor
WA-183-1 Carburetor
WA-184-1 Carburetor
WA-185-1 Carburetor
WA-186-1 Carburetor
WA-187-1 Carburetor
WA-188-1 Carburetor
WA-189-1 Carburetor
WA-19-1 Carburetor
WA-190-1 Carburetor
WA-191-1 Carburetor
WA-192-1 Carburetor
WA-193-1 Carburetor
WA-194-1 Carburetor
WA-195-1 Carburetor
WA-196-1 Carburetor
WA-197-1 Carburetor
WA-199-1 Carburetor
WA-1C Carburetor
WA-2-1 Carburetor
WA-200-1 Carburetor
WA-201-1 Carburetor
WA-202-1 Carburetor
WA-203-1 Carburetor
WA-205-1 Carburetor
WA-206-1 Carburetor
WA-208-1 Carburetor
WA-209-1 Carburetor
WA-21-1 Carburetor
WA-210-1 Carburetor
WA-212-1 Carburetor
WA-213-1 Carburetor
WA-22-1 Carburetor
WA-222-1 Carburetor
WA-23-1 Carburetor
WA-230-1 Carburetor
WA-231-1 Carburetor
WA-24-1 Carburetor
WA-25-1 Carburetor
WA-26-1 Carburetor
WA-27-1 Carburetor
WA-28-1 Carburetor
WA-29-1 Carburetor
WA-30-1 Carburetor
WA-31-1 Carburetor
WA-32-1 Carburetor
WA-33-1 Carburetor
WA-34-1 Carburetor
WA-35-1 Carburetor
WA-36-1 Carburetor
WA-38-1 Carburetor
WA-39-1 Carburetor
WA-40-1 Carburetor
WA-41-1 Carburetor
WA-42-1 Carburetor
WA-43-1 Carburetor
WA-44-1 Carburetor
WA-45-1 Carburetor
WA-46-1 Carburetor
WA-47-1 Carburetor
WA-49-1 Carburetor
WA-5-1 Carburetor
WA-50-1 Carburetor
WA-51-1 Carburetor
WA-52-1 Carburetor
WA-53-1 Carburetor
WA-54-1 Carburetor
WA-55-1 Carburetor
WA-56-1 Carburetor
WA-58-1 Carburetor
WA-59-1 Carburetor

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