K12-HDA Walbro Carburetor Kit


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Original Manufacturer's part

Replaces: Sunbelt WAL-K12-HDA, Tilton K12-HDA, Prime Line WK12-HDA, NHC 203-5594, Napa WK12-HDA, 615-868

Fits Models:

HDA-104-1 Carburetor
HDA-105-1 Carburetor
HDA-112-1 Carburetor
HDA-113-1 Carburetor
HDA-122-1 Carburetor
HDA-129-1 Carburetor
HDA-134-1 Carburetor
HDA-135-1 Carburetor
HDA-136-1 Carburetor
HDA-138-1 Carburetor
HDA-139-1 Carburetor
HDA-14-1 Carburetor
HDA-145-1 Carburetor
HDA-147-1 Carburetor
HDA-149-1 Carburetor
HDA-150-1 Carburetor
HDA-151-1 Carburetor
HDA-153-1 Carburetor
HDA-156-1 Carburetor
HDA-166-1 Carburetor
HDA-167-1 Carburetor
HDA-20-1 Carburetor
HDA-201-1 Carburetor
HDA-202-1 Carburetor
HDA-203-1 Carburetor
HDA-204-1 Carburetor
HDA-206-1 Carburetor
HDA-207-1 Carburetor
HDA-209-1 Carburetor
HDA-21-1 Carburetor
HDA-26-1 Carburetor
HDA-28-1 Carburetor
HDA-4-1 Carburetor
HDA-44-1 Carburetor
HDA-45-1 Carburetor
HDA-47-1 Carburetor
HDA-51-1 Carburetor
HDA-53-1 Carburetor
HDA-62-1 Carburetor
HDA-63-1 Carburetor
HDA-7-1 Carburetor
HDA-70-1 Carburetor
HDA-76-1 Carburetor
HDA-80-1 Carburetor
HDA-82-1 Carburetor
HDA-85-1 Carburetor
HDA-89-1 Carburetor
HDA-90-1 Carburetor
HDA-95-1 Carburetor
HDA-97-1 Carburetor

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