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14-227-20 Kohler Fuel Cap 14 227 20-s

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KH 14-227-20-S Kohler Fuel Cap

Replaces 14 227 20, 1422720, 

Use with 14-065-63-S Kohler fuel tank, sold separately

Fits Models

XT675 Engine
XT650-2017 Hop (6.5 (8.8) Ft Lbs Gross T
XT650-2020 Country Home Products (6.5 (8
XT650-2022 Country Home Products (6.5 (8
XT675-0041 Toro (6.75 (9.2) Ft Lbs Gross
XT675-2034 Toro (6.75 (9.2) Ft Lbs Gross
XT675-2037 Hop (6.75 (9.2) Ft Lbs Gross
XT675-2044 Mtd (6.75 (9.2) Ft Lbs Gross
XT675-2047 Viking (6.75 (9.2) Ft Lbs Gro
XT675-3052 Viking (6.75 (9.2) Ft Lbs Gro
XT675-3057 Shanghai Mtd (6.75 (9.2) Ft L
XT675-3060 Rover Mtd (6.75 (9.2) Ft Lbs
XT800-2045 Hop (8.0 Ft Lbs Gross Torque)
XT800-2047 Hop (8.0 Ft Lbs Gross Torque)
XT800-2049 Mtd (8.0 Ft Lbs Gross Torque)
XT800-2053 Viking (8.0 Ft Lbs Gross Torq
XT800-3065 Steelfort (8.0 Ft Lbs Gross T
XT800-3069 Shanghai Mtd (8.0 Ft Lbs Gros)
XT675-2070 6.75 Hp Engine
XT650-3034 6.5 Hp Engine
XT-775-3034 (7.75) Hp Engine
HD775-3033 Huaian Zhonglv
HD775-3085 Jiangsu World
HD775-3088 Beijing Greenman
HD775-3108 Yangzhou Weibang
HD775-3016 Kaaz
HD775-3012 Kaaz
HD775-3101 Chinese Marketing
HD775-3104 China Marketing
HD775-3013 Kaaz
RH265-3102 Kpp
RH265-3111 Chongqing
RH265-3113 Chongqing
RH265-3117 Chongqing
RH265-3118 Chongqing
RH255-0001 Basic
RH265-0103 Lombardini
RH255-3101 Basic
RH265-3115 Shanghai Yueguen
RH265-3124 Apachi
RH265-3105 Speedco
RH265-3125 Frictionless World
RH265-3127 Chongqing
RH265-3109 Gaoyou North
RH265-3112 Ardisam
RH265-3114 Frictionless World
RH265-3119 Karcher
RH265-3108 Gaoyou North
XT650-2036 Toro
RH265-3126 Ardisam
RH265-3128 Sumec
RH265-3129 Jiashan Super Power
XTX675-3079 Shanghai Mtd
XTX675-3080 Huaian Zhonglv
XTX675-3081 Ningbo Supow
XTX675-3104 Huaian Zhonglv
XTX650-2100 Toro
RH255-0021 Basic
RH255-0031 Basic
RH265-0031 Basic
XT650-2029 Lawn Boy
XT650-2037 Lawn Boy
XT650-2100 Toro
XT650-2101 Toro
XT650-3025 Basic
RH255-3102 Basic
RH255-3103 Basic
RH265-3107 Basic
XTX675-3012 Masport New Zealand
XT675-2039 Husqvarna
XT675-2087 Toro
RH265-3106 Basic
XT675-3110 Basic
RH265-3120 Karcher
XT675-2063 Husqvarna
XTX775-3011 Masport New Zealand
XTX775-3042 Qingdao T-Max
XTX775-3076 Steelfort New Zealand
XTX775-3119 Guangzhou
XTX775-3126 XTX Series Engine
XTX775-3024 Yangzhou Weibang
XTX775-3045 Beijing Greenman
XTX775-3059 Shanghai Mtd
XTX775-3060 Shanghai Mtd
XTX775-3071 Yangzhou Weibang
XTX775-3081 Huaian Zhonglv
XTX775-3085 Jiangsu World
XTX775-3101 Eurosystems S.P.A
XTX775-3139 Beijing Greenman
XTX775-3145 Shanghai Mtd
XT675-2036 Husqvarna
XTX775-3127 Chongqing Shenchi
XT675-3097 Pesma
XT675-3098 Viking
XT675-2089 Mtd
XTX775-3125 Chongqing Shenchi
XT675-3078 Ningbo Supow
XT675-3079 Mtd
XT675-3056 Ningbo
XTX775-3046 Shanghai Yueguan
XTX775-3063 Shanghai Yueguan
XTX775-3094 Marketing
XT675-3073 Shanghai Yueguen
XTX775-3140 China Marketing
XTX775-3141 China Marketing
XTX775-3142 Ningbo Supow
XT775-3102 Mtd
XT775-2018 Ningbo Supow
XT775-3077 Pemsa
XT800-3075 Chongqin
XT675-3115 Shanghai Yueguen
XT775-3051 Chongqing
XT775-3055 Chongqing
XT775-3076 Steelfort
XT775-3078 Transdiesel
XT800-3060 Basic
XT775-3105 Zhejiang Leo
XT775-2021 Xiansan
XT775-3022 Ningbo Supow
XT775-3110 Beijing Greenman
XT775-3044 Guangzhou
XT775-3045 Beijing Greenman
XT775-3046 Shanghai Yueguen
XT775-3047 Lofra
XT775-3048 Lofra
XT775-3049 Speedco
XT775-3063 Shanghai Yueguen
XT800-3067 Xiansan
XT775-3059 Mtd
XT775-3070 Yangzhou Weibang
XT775-3074 John Deere
XT775-3088 Beijing Greenman
XT800-3066 Ningbo Supow
XT775-3082 Fna
XT800-3057 Viking
XT775-3028 Viking
XT800-2052 Viking
XT775-3092 Marina Systems
XT775-3094 Basic
XT775-3025 Marina Systems
XT775-3029 Viking
XT775-3031 Outils Wolf
XT775-3086 Mtd
XT800-3089 Viking
XT775-3101 Marketing
XT775-3081 Huaian Zhonglv
XT775-3085 Jiangsu Sumec
XT800-3063 Marina Systems
XT800-3071 Ningbo Supow
XT800-3081 Lofra

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