RB-66 Zama Carburetor Kit RB-79, RB-83, RB-85 - LIMITED AVAILABILITY


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ZAMA RB-66, RB-79, RB-83, RB-85

Original manufacturer's part

Replaces: Zama RB-66, RB-79, RB-83, RB-85, 615-086, 49-440

This kit has been discontinued but we have 2 left in stock 

Stihl FH75, FC75, HL75, FS75, FS80, FS85, HT70, HT75, HS75, HS80, HS85, BG75, FC55, FS46 and FS55

Fits the following carbs:
Zama C1Q-S28, A-D; C1Q-S29, A-C; C1Q-S30, A-C; C1Q-S30, A-C; C1Q-S41, A; C1Q-S42, A; C1Q-S44, A; C1Q-S45 carburetors

For proper ordering, reference the Zama part number stamped on the carburetor
Ethanol Not compatible with greater than 10% ethanol fuel

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