K10-HDC Walbro Carburetor Kit


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Walbro K10-HDC Carburetor Kit

Original Manufacturer's Part

Replaces: K10-HDC, K1-HDC, 615-530, 615-058, 49-833, 48066, 7-07184
 8341, WAL-K10-HDC

Use D10-HDC if you need a Gasket and Diaphragm kit

Fits the following carburetors:
For proper ordering, reference the Walbro part number stamped on the carburetor

HDC-1-1 Carburetor
HDC-15-1 Carburetor
HDC-16-1 Carburetor
HDC-17-1 Carburetor
HDC-20-1 Carburetor
HDC-21-1 Carburetor
HDC-23-1 Carburetor
HDC-26-1 Carburetor
HDC-27-1 Carburetor
HDC-28-1 Carburetor
HDC-29-1 Carburetor
HDC-3-1 Carburetor
HDC-32-1 Carburetor
HDC-33-1 Carburetor
HDC-35-1 Carburetor
HDC-37-1 Carburetor
HDC-39-1 Carburetor
HDC-4-1 Carburetor
HDC-40-1 Carburetor
HDC-41-1 Carburetor
HDC-42-1 Carburetor
HDC-44-1 Carburetor
HDC-45-1 Carburetor
HDC-46-1 Carburetor
HDC-47-1 Carburetor
HDC-48-1 Carburetor
HDC-49-1 Carburetor
HDC-50-1 Carburetor
HDC-51-1 Carburetor
HDC-52-1 Carburetor
HDC-54-1 Carburetor
HDC-55-1 Carburetor
HDC-57-1 Carburetor
HDC-58-1 Carburetor
HDC-59-1 Carburetor
HDC-63-1 Carburetor
HDC-64-1 Carburetor
HDC-65-1 Carburetor
HDC-66-1 Carburetor
HDC-67-1 Carburetor
HDC-68-1 Carburetor
HDC-69-1 Carburetor
HDC-70-1 Carburetor
HDC-72-1 Carburetor
HDC-73-1 Carburetor
HDC-74-1 Carburetor
HDC-75-1 Carburetor
HDC-77-1 Carburetor
HDC-78-1 Carburetor
HDC-80-1 Carburetor
HDC-81-1 Carburetor

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