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Sears Canada Craftsman Models Starting with C459

Sears Canada Craftsman Models Starting with C459

April 2020 Update - In the three years this blog post has been active, we've helped tons of people track down their owner's manuals and parts breakdowns for their C459 units.  We are slowly starting to add these resources to our website as a free download.  It's a slow process - many of these were on microfice and now loaded into big pdf files.  If you need assistance with C459 please don't hesitate to contact us.  I've added a few links to manuals that have been uploaded, but we literally have access to 1000s of them.

We always provide these resources free. Of course, we hope you will come back to our site and purchase parts from us.  But we've made it our mission to make these invaluable resources as accessible as possible.  Stay well out there, Char

If you've looked at my two blog posts on Sears Canada models starting with 944*, you know how much fun it can be to try to find parts breakdowns and Illustrated Parts Lists (IPLs) or manuals.  Not so with Craftsman models starting with C459!

Craftsman C459 Models Made by MTD

MTD is one of three major suppliers of Craftsman brand outdoor power products that are sold by Sears Canada. This includes Craftsman, Craftsman Professional and Craftsman Pro. 

MTD also took over warranty service in 2014 for the products it made for Craftsman, retroactive to June 17, 2012.  So what does that mean for you?  Well you lucky C459 owners, it means your IPLs are all available through MTD!

If you search your C459 model number on the internet, you probably won't find anything.  What you need is the guide I'm including here that cross references C459 numbers to MTD's number series!

Once you know the MTD number, head on over to MTD's website:

Enter 'MTD" in the dropdown box, key in your MTD model number and voila!  Manuals and IPLs magically appear!

MTD has been adding some of the Craftsman numbers to their search engine, but it's not yet complete. 

Mower or Engine Warranty?

Just a reminder that most equipment may be covered by more than one warranty. As you'll notice on the chart, there are some Briggs and Kohler engines on some of these units where the engine is covered by the engine manufacturer and not by MTD.  Don't despair! MTD can always help you figure it out and are very responsive to warranty questions - call 1-800-269-6215 Mon-Fri *am to 8 pm and Sat 9-5 EST.  .

As an authorized warranty service centre for MTD and all of the major lawn mower and garden equipment engine brands, we can also help you sort out any warranty issues.

Craftsman Models Made by MTD

This is a list of models available on our website as a free download:

Here's the chart that cross references Craftsman C459 models to MTD model numbers:

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5



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randy - March 15, 2020

how old is a sears lawnmower model C459 56216

Kevin Bampfield - March 15, 2020

Hi I have just the frame, trams and wheels for a C950-60354-3 and would like to get a steering assembly for it.
Would you have any idea where I could find those numbers for parts. Thanks

Pablo - December 27, 2017

I have a C459 52832, I need a carburetor for it. Please let me know where
& how much for it.

Sean - November 26, 2017

i have a rm6 c459 65406 no info or parts list need pully shaft and blade got mower with out thanks

Char - November 21, 2017

Rick Sep 25, 2017 – Sorry for the late reply, it got caught in our spam filter! I don’t have any further info for your unit but you might try contacting MTD directly at 1-800-668-1238. They should be able to help you. Good luck! Char

Rick - September 25, 2017

trying to find parts list for my machine – engine model number C459 52537.

Specifically i need the list that shows the electric joystick cover (under-plate) for the chute. I looked here and see the chart – #1 it has the wrong model number for the 420 cc unit.


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