395051R Briggs & Stratton Fuel Line - Sold by Inch

395051R Briggs & Stratton Fuel Line - Sold by Inch


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395051R Briggs& Stratton Fuel Line. Use with Briggs 710075 fuel hose clamps - click here, or aftermarket option 120-251

7/16" OD x 1/4" ID, black

In stock and ready to ship

This fuel line is sold by the inch.  Most engines will take 6-8" of line. If you want 8 inches, purchase quantity 8. We can supply bulk boxes of fuel line - please contact us for details.

While this is a genuine manufacturer's part, it is used on all brands of engines

DR Mower Tech Note - There are many aftermarket replacements for fuel line, but Dan believes this is the best option for 4 stroke engines and is the only kind he'll use. We sell it by the inch as there is no point in buying large quantities of fuel line

Replaces 499742, 194757GS, 30340GS and 395051

Fits many models including:

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